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It was early November in California, and still snow had not fallen on the "Snowy Range". The Sierra Nevada is spectacular for one principal reason- at higher elevations it is almost entirely composed of glacially carved granite. Hundreds of ancient volcanos left behind quite a treasure, for as their liquid magma chambers froze into place- granite was formed. But this granite was trapped underneath thousands of meters of overlaying rock, unavailable to the terrestrial eye. Millions of years of erosion took over-rain, wind and snow removed thousands of meters of rock above the granite, glaciers carved the peaks and lakes, flowering plants and endemic trees grew to the limits of the highest peaks. This is the Sierra Nevada we see today, the salt-and-pepper granite peaks lighting on fire from the setting sun, framed by special trees ... read more
White Pine, Sunset
The fire of Alpenglow
Glacial Erratic, broken

Friday after work at 6pm, Brian called and asked if I wanted to go Backpacking. I asked what time we were leaving- to which he replied "meet me at my house tomorrow morning at 6am!" Thats how it was for all 6 of us who went, a last minute trip to Desolation Wilderness that turned out to be a really nice way to spend the Fall Equinox. Desolation Wilderness outlines the giant granite peaks and lakes that sit at the southwest corner of the Lake Tahoe high country. Here is the last holdout of the Sierra Nevada, where a shimmering granite landscape sculpted by Glaciers gives way to crystal clear lakes surrounded by ancient endemic California trees. The hike was a bit too long for my tastes- 7.5 miles and 1500 feet uphill, one way! We ... read more
Friendly Juniper over Echo Lake
"Two Ancient Specimens"
Sunset over Pyramid Peak (9950 ft)

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