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THE BASICS We had a lovely time near the coast and now we have had a lovely time inland. The weather has been gorgeous, sunny, flirting with 80's but breezy enough to be delicious. Our new pocket pedometer is working well for us and we do aspire to get to 10,000 steps a day. Here in the Palm Springs area there are so many interesting things to do and see that we will consider returning someday. THE FLUFF California is in the national news a lot - we will henceforth notice that more. e.g., one evening we were headed out to eat and we saw a dark cloud in the distance which continued, and turned out to be smoke from a wildfire. When we got home, we found the NBC Nightly News pre-empted by live coverage ... read more

Too soon, our long-planned and long-awaited vacation is over, and we have to return home. In some ways, we are tired of traveling and look forward to our own home and our own bed. On the other hand, the beauty and rhythm of the Hawaiian Islands has captured us and we really hate to leave. Sigh….. This vacation experience has been so wonderful. I can’t even find the words for it. Great; wonderful; fantastic; beautiful………the words all seem to fall short. Each place was unique. Each place had its own set of pros and cons. Each place was such a neat experience. Foods, sights, sounds, people, scenery, weather, birds, experiences. Sometimes we were too hot, sometimes too cold. Lots of times we were tired and footsore. Sometimes we got lost. Some things were too expensive, and ... read more
Desert Landscape
San Jacinto mountains by Palm Springs
Dust storm moves into Desert Hot Springs

Today we had another really long driving day from Sacramento to Desert Hot Springs where Steve’s sister Barbara lives. We stopped to visit one of Steve’s sons, George, and granddaughter Sequoia in Victorville on the way. Desert Hot Springs is in the desert, ringed by mountains which are quite pretty right now because of the snow that fell recently. The desert got rain last week, and some of the streets were flooded so that Barb couldn’t get out to Palm Springs or Cathedral City to shop for a couple of days. But now, the sun is out, and we have found the nice weather (finally). Cool in the mornings and evenings, though, so we still need a sweater. I know, I know - I am NOT complaining! I hear we got a foot of snow at ... read more
Steve and Sequoia
View from Barb's Front Door

I am eagerly waiting for my New Year Vacation, my family and I are spending time together at a luxury resort in Desert Hot Springs, near Palm Springs, California. ... read more

This is really a "no-travel" blog entry! We've just been moving around southern California - from Indio to Twentynine Palms (70 miles) then to Desert Hot Springs (40 miles) - and won't put any real miles on the motorhome until December 14th when we head for Salome, Arizona. 11/14/2009 to 11/23/2009: Weather continues perfect. Each Monday a hike was organized and on the 16th we hiked LaQuinta Cove, a fairly gentle up hill that then dropped steeply into the valley. By the time we reached the golf course at the valley floor, the climb back up was the real challenge! We were hoping for a helicoptor but we all made it to the top and then it was downhill to the cars. Very scenic up there with the Salton Sea visible in the distance and the ... read more
Indio Night Golf
Great night for a walk!
29Palms Mural #1

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