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October 7th 2006
Published: October 6th 2006
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Colorado River

From Toronto I flew to LA where my cousin Steve was waiting to pick me up, I hadn't been in LA since March last year but it felt like yesterday when I got there! They live in Big Bear, which is in the moutains a couple of hours drive and is a lot less hectic than the city! After collapsing in bed at what was about 4am Canadian time the next morning we were off to the Colorado River in the tri state area where California, Nevada and Arizona meet (not that far from Vegas and the Grand Canyon). The area is really deserty and dry, but amazing mountainous scenery. We were lucky enough to get to stay in a place that directly overlooked the Mojave Indian Reservation, where the scenery was like something out of a movie (look have been spending too much time in North America, its not a film its a movie now!).

My cousin and family have a boat and as soon as we got there we took it out on the river, sitting back in the speedboat as the sun went down made the hecticness of Canada seems a long time away. We
A tough day on the river! A tough day on the river! A tough day on the river!

Samuel & Seth, my gorgeous cousins!
spent two full onm days after that on the river, swimming (the water was soooo clear for a river especially when you compare it to the Thames that is!), sunbathing and chilling out. It was great to be near the water as the tempeartures during the day were reaching 110 degrees. After the jeans and jumper weather of Quebec I wasn't complaining! Lying in a massive rubber ring drinking beer and eating BBQ chicken it was definitely one of those life can't get any better moments that you have evry now and again when travelling!

One night we went out in Laughlin which is a like a smaller version of Vegas but still as bright and tacky. Except I seemed to be one of the few people there under 30, the people watching was amazing....serious cowboys, a fake elvis accompanied by 5 old women with the whitest hair you have ever seen, some proper trailor trash and some very fat americans! Had a little bit of beginners luck at the casino and we didnt end up getting home till 3, a bit of a pattern emerging so far on this trip me thinks.

Big Bear

Back in Big Bear where it was a lot colder, I went out of a horse riding trip with Sarah, my cousin's wife. As most of you know I am not the world's biggest horse fan, and I did seem to be riding what felt like the biggest horse in the world. In fact my horse rather suited me, we were riding in the back and every now and then he wanted to catch up and would have to do a little fast trot. So a bit like me in heels on a night out really, having to do a little run to catch up with everyone else, as certain people will know from recent experience! But the views of the lakes and moutains were amazing and the biggest bonus was I didnt even feel that sore afterwards (well ok a bit maybe!)

SPent the last few days chilling out with the family, watching my little cousins (and big one) play football , (no sorry guys I am not calling it soccer!) and catching up on some sleep! Also sampled the local nightlife which was interesting.....I cant decided whether the bar or Laughlin was better people watching, but I have now taught my family the meaning of the word chav and they certainly understand the meaning now! Just a tiny bit drunk that night as my other cousin Zandra and her daughter who live in Reno came to visit. Cue some dancing in the front room, falling over (not me I'd like to point out!) and lots of laughing!

The next day we had a big BBQ at the house with friends and neighbours which was lovely, and before I knew it on Sunday I was off back down the mountain to go the airport. The week had gone so fast and I had had such a good time, I was starting to wonder why the hell I was going to Australia with no where to live and no job. Ahhh the joys of travelling!

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The GirlsThe Girls
The Girls

Zandra, Me & Sarah in Big Bear

6th October 2006

wow !!
great pics the one of Steve waterskiing,very nice !!! :) hope you know I'm green with envy looking at these places but my time will come and thoughts x
20th October 2006

Work sweet work
Why didn't I fly with you to LA - these pictures look incredible! I would love to see Steve etc again.....hope you're well

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