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North America » United States » California » Big Bear May 29th 2021

For the Memorial Day weekend we went to Grandpa Jerry's cabin in the SugarLoaf area of Big Bear to stay 2 days and 1 night at Tory's childhood cabin. The cabin was being sold in June, 2021, so the family went for the first/last time to see the place that had many of Tory's memories including where she learned how to ski with her mom at the Snow Summit slopes. Before this trip, Nathan went one time as a 1-year old and Tory and Steve went there while dating for a memorable ski fun trip where it snowed and they were forced to stay an extra day until the roads to leave the mountain were reopened! In the morning, everyone got up early and began the 3-hour drive to the cabin. We stopped by some sunflowers ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear August 2nd 2014

Vanmorgen vroeg wakker geworden met de zon op mijn gezicht. Prima geslapen. We hebben op deze saiie camping niets te zoeken, het is meer een dure geasfalteerde parkeerplaats dan wat anders. We zijn binnen tien minuten op pad, Frits voelt zich alsof hij in zijn pyama rijd en Sanne ligt gewoon nog te slapen. Kaien loopt natuurlijk al lang te stuiteren en doet alles wat hij wil doen met een hand, die andere zit vast in zijn honkbalhandschoen. We rijden weer naar het meer waar we gisteravond waren maar het is er echt superdruk, grote families met nog grotere koelboxen, vol eten en dronken alsof ze er een maand gaan blijven... Veel jetskies en boten , mensen vieren het weekend, maandag beginnen hier de scholen weer. Omdat het winkeltje dicht is en we echt geen zin ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear November 14th 2009

Day 4: 167 miles today with at least 60% of it off road! It’s hard to believe that something like that can be done in So. Cal.  As we were driving today Kari and I counted up the total vehicles that we had seen while running trails and we came up with a grand total of 5. If the idea of overland travel is to go by isolated routes, I think we were successful. Today while traveling we saw 2. Well actually we were passed by 4 dirt bikes at one point…but they only count as one, right? It was good that we got an decent start around 7:45, we fueled up, grabbed MickyD for breakfast and headed to the other side of the lake to hit the trail. About 2 miles in we saw ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear November 12th 2009

Day Three: After a leisurely morning with time spent setting up this blog, we finally headed out about 11. The plan for the day was to explore the Holcomb Valley area and indeed we did, but not as we expected. It was a day filled with redirection, rerouting, and adapting. Though Overland Navigator is wonderful, there have been changes made since the maps used in the program were put out by the government. “Sensitive” areas blocked off by barbed wire fences have eliminated some roads totally, while others have been allowed to return to the forest or ended with campgrounds. Our first efforts were rewarded with interesting trail the 3N19, that took us up near a HUGE limestone quarry called “Prospect” on the map. Its northwest of Holcomb Valley. During our wanderings we found an amazing ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear November 11th 2009

Day Two: We slept in a bit, had breakfast, topped off the fuel and finally got rolling about 10:30. I wanted to take a route that I recalled from my youth that goes from Sugarloaf to Moonridge (though we would do it in reverse). We made our way through the Moonridge neighborhood via Sand Canyon and picked up the Sand Canyon trail. Along the way we found several offshoots that we explored and ran until the trail ended then came back out. Views, and wildlife are abundant and we even saw a deer, though it scampered off before we could get the camera out. One small trail gave us the chance to drop Opie (the name of our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) into 4WD low and I locked the rear axle just to give it a test. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear February 9th 2009

Friday 23rd January to Saturday 7th February, 2009 If Christmas, the 405 Freeway and American Beaurocracy are up there in my top ten list of life’s pet dislikes then there is one other thing that is pushing them hard for the coveted number one spot. The ageing process. Quite why the Good Lord, or the natural world if believing is not your thing deems it necessary to counter-balance the positives of knowledge accumulation and the experiencing of different life situations with the heading southwards of all things bodily is anyone’s guess. The question why is irrelevant, it just happens, providing a surefire way no matter how well things seem to be going of bringing you back down to earth with a bump. Growing old gracefully, for me at least is made so much harder due to ... read more
Growing Pains...
Growing Pains...
Growing Pains...

North America » United States » California » Big Bear August 14th 2008

OK, this is the day I have been looking forward to……. Susie’s brother Mike and brother in law Jimmy, who live out here, both have Jeeps. In this part of the country there are off road trails that are open to the public, everywhere. I have been wanting to test the new Rubicon on some of these types of trails, and I have read about them in some of my off-road books . So with my two guides Jimmy and Mike, we headed out at 6:00AM to a trail called Claghorn (not sure of the spelling). Jimmy classified the trail as easy; the trail guide book rated it at a 6-8 on a scale of 1-10. I think the rig Jimmy was driving would make almost any trail seem easy. The Rubicon did great; it handled ... read more
Airing down the tires
The experts consult
My Jeep

North America » United States » California » Big Bear May 19th 2008

Waking up as the sun rises, climbing out of our sleeping bags to start the new day. An energy bar for breakfast, packing up my gear for another full day of hiking- 20 miles is the usual goal, although the last leg we've been pushing ourselves, even got a 30 mile day in- which was more that my body was ready for really. Hitting the trail early in the AM most mornings-one foot in front of the other, moving north towards Canada. The simple, rythmic motion of hiking, poles in hands and pack strapped on our backs- an already reasuring feeling- being out on the trail. The meditative motion of hiking, of observing and being in nature- a calming, centered disposition prevails. Starting in Campo, right at the border of Mexico, Britt and I hiked into ... read more
Wildflower, Britt and I
2008 Thru Hikers- at the Kick Off
out in the desert

North America » United States » California » Big Bear May 17th 2008

I just spent 4 weeks up in the San Bernardino National Forest in Angelus Oaks, California (Southern California) for my third AmeriCorps project. It’s so hard for me to fathom that our third out of 4 projects is done and over with. Where has time gone? The population of Angelus Oaks was 190 people, that is a town the size of half of my High School graduating class, pretty small. I loved the fact that we were in a wilderness setting and so secluded from civilization. It took us 40 minutes to get to the closest town. If we went right on hwy 38 we ended up in Big Bear, California, a popular ski resort area and the a left would take us to Redlands California a distant suburb of Los Angeles. Anther hard concept to ... read more
Trees and Blue Sky
Typical Day

North America » United States » California » Big Bear March 23rd 2008

This season we had not been to skiing even once... We went to Reno-Tahoe in December, but by the time we reached the slopes, it was too late for skiing lessons! So, this weekend we decided to hit some slopes before winter is officially over. People generally go to northern areas for skiing and snow boarding. However, being different people that we are, we decided to go to Big Bear Lake in Southern California on the weekend of March 23, 2008! This time our travel buddies were Pranav and Mohnish from San Jose, and Prutha, Nirav, Siddarth, Kanan from SoCal! Big Bear is 2-2.5 hours east of Los Angels and 7 hours south-east of San Jose. We decided to meet there directly. We had a nice and cozy cabin booked for as at Cal-Pine chalets in ... read more
Skiing Group
Big Bear
Big Bear Lake

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