Soggy Spydering Into The Ozarks

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October 11th 2014
Published: October 18th 2014
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White River CafeWhite River CafeWhite River Cafe

In Calico Rock, AR.
Well, it looks like we are going to have bad weather for this whole trip. We left Wildwood, MO in pretty good weather, but just like yesterday, the second half of the trip turned into a rainy ride.

We stopped in a very scenic little town called Calico Rock for lunch, but there aren't going to be many pictures since it was pouring when we were there. We ate lunch at a place called the White River Café. Since the special was a Cajun Catfish Dinner, Ray and I ordered it. Well, I guess we now knew we were in the south and these Chicagoans would have to learn to relax and cool our heels because nothing was going to happen fast. It took over 45 minutes for the food to come out. We got to talk to some very friendly local people who were very interested in the Spyders, though. Two of them actually started giving the waitress and cook a hard time about how long it was taking. The food was worth the wait and there was so much Catfish, Ray and I took a box of leftovers with us for tonight at the cabin.

We arrived
Is It Lunch Time Yet?Is It Lunch Time Yet?Is It Lunch Time Yet?

Ray waiting for me to get my act together.
at the cabin around 5: 00 and after unloading our gear, checking out the cabin and taking in the spectacular view from the deck, we headed into town to buy some provisions for the next three days. One of the things my brother Jim made us aware of is that Heber Springs is in a dry county (alcohol wise, not weather wise) and that all three counties around it are dry, too. So before we left, we packed up our refreshments for the stay there. One of the nice features of the Spyder is ample storage area. Ray managed to pack a case of beer in the front trunk, known in the Spyder Lover world as the frunk. I brought some Jameson's and an 18 year old bottle of single malt Scotch whiskey. When we got back to the cabin, we toasted Jan's birthday with the whiskey. Today is my wife, Jan's birthday, and the saint that she is, she was ok with me missing her birthday for this trip. So Happy Birthday to the best wife a man could ever have!(Although I'm staring to think she cursed us with this lousy weather.)

The cabin is amazing! It's in a very beautiful part of the Ozark Mountains, standing on a 700 foot bluff overlooking the Little Red River. More about that later along with some pictures. Tomorrow my brother, Jim and his buddy, Don are going to ride about 180 miles here to join us at the cabin. They were originally going to meet us here today, but the forecast was accurate that it would rain all day and Sunday and Tuesday are supposed to be much nicer for their ride.


18th October 2014
White River Cafe

On the road again
It is always good to be out on the highways finding hidden gems like this.

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