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April 29th 2009
Published: April 30th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

The waters have started to flood under my feet, granting me the buoyancy to continue down stream on this adventure across America. I would like to recap those events which have created a beautiful picture for my memory: along with the deck building (cheers Jeff, Wendy, & family), Homers (the favorite local restaurant), watching Keith dance his rump-off to live gospel-folk-blues, chatting with crazies, chatting with friendlies, meeting people who play Irish Folk (cheers Scott), meeting those who volunteer for community gardens (cheers Damian), and others who have made this a place...a place I will call 'Home'

To Gale, Keven, Brenda, Audra, Alex, Mike, Karen, Taylor, Sarah, Gloria, Wood, & Keith; Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Your presence will never be forgotten. I hope to meet you in my future life, perhaps I will become apart of that family which visits the Camp regularly. I know my future wife and kids would love to share in those memories which I experienced there...they have changed my life. Gale, if I were in SLC (Salt Lake City) I would be toasting a cheers to you, with my blended concoction of fruit, veggies, and soy milk, however, wine is abundant and does not need the blender, I am a red wine folk. So cheers to yall, and cheers to some of my best adult memories shared with you..."aint that right"..."init'tho"...yeah 😊

In my post Little Rock phase I have come in-tune with myself once again. My journal reads as follows...

The miles came easy today. Back on the road, back to my home. A continuum for the quest in life. While I reminisced, tires turning, I was reminded of 'trust' and what it means in our daily life. Trust...a broad based term, positive in aspect, weary to find footing in the populous. To find trust is to find one's self. In the case that a landslide timbers self-integrity, up-turning it's roots in times of desperation or uncomfort, I hope all of us find trust in the person we are within ourselves. I have found while we may not recognize the vibe we put forth to others, a mind never worries when a mind trusts it's self. Be yourself. Common sense in appreciating others sacrifice, exercising humility, and providing all your wisdom to good persons in good faith. I am grateful that this bike trip along with my stories creates a trustworthy outer shell for others to see.

To those keeping up with the blog, apologies for the long delay in posts. I have not had any access to the internet for quite some time. I am going to chill in Fayetteville for a few days, partly due to weather and mostly due to all the great things I have heard about this place. I hope you all enjoy the pictures...there are a bunch of them, so take time to check'm out. My new camera captures some great shots. Also visit the photography section on Keith's website at:


And if you thought my bike trip was something...check out this family. My good friend Dane met them while they were traveling through Salt Lake City. The site is all in french but the pictures speak for them selves. The albums are on the lower right hand side of the page. Talk about biking around the world...


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Last morningLast morning
Last morning

Thanks to Parker I represented Little Rock well with the shirt. Thanks again.

I know it is dead but there is still apart of me that thinks it may start moving crazy again
The 1st week on the deck. I will post others when the project is finished.The 1st week on the deck. I will post others when the project is finished.
The 1st week on the deck. I will post others when the project is finished.

Keith, don't forget to email me the photos of the deck.

3rd May 2009

Do I see a little Keith influence in some of these photos?
3rd May 2009

Keith's influence...
That dawned on me when I started reviewing the photos...funny...you noticing that made me chuckle.
13th May 2009

Tony Poulson pointed me to your blog. I've always wanted to...and am still hoping to...ride my bike on some ultra long trips. Your adventure is, in a word, inspiring. People like you remind me that my need for schedule and stability can be broken in the name of discovery...thanks for that. I'll continue to follow your adventure...and hopefully start mine next year with a 760 mile ride to Santa Barbara from SLC. Jimmy

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