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August 19th 2006
Published: August 27th 2006
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Day 15 - August 19, 2006

We left Bryce Canyon, and headed for the Grand Canyon. It takes about three hours to reach the Grand Canyon from Bryce. While in the Kaibab National Forest that precedes the North Rim (of the Grand Canyon), we saw a condor flying high above. (These really are as big-looking as they say.) There are lots of trees here (no, not all national forests have lots of trees), but unfortunately much of the forest here was hit hard by a large forest fire earlier this summer.

The Grand Canyon is very grand, and we enjoyed our approximately fourteen minutes of viewing time of the North Rim. We’ll catch the South Rim some other time. I am glad to report that none of us stepped off the edge, unlike those unfortunate people documented in the book about death in the canyon or some such catchy title. Some of the birds we saw in the Grand Canyon area included some type of big-crested blue jay, bluebirds, and a bird that had a yellow body with brown wings and a brown head. The birds are apparently used to visitors, for they are not shy at all.

Robert on the edgeRobert on the edgeRobert on the edge

I guess heights really don't bother Robert - why else would he lean back against the railing?
a little less than three hours, we were in Page, Arizona. The Vermilion Cliffs were our companion for much of the day. They are really incredible, especially when close to the road. We also crossed the Navajo Bridge, one of the longest single span bridges in the U.S. We ate supper at a Mexican food restaurant in Page named Fiesta Mexicana. It was really good, and everyone like their food (a rare event).

The stars at night are incredible out here in the middle of nowhere. I’ve always thought we could see a lot of stars at our house at night, but we saw stars that night that blew us away. You don’t realize how much you’re missing. According to data published by NASA, it is estimated that only fifty percent of North America can see the Milky Way. I know that we cannot see it from our house. In the Arizona sky, stars DO twinkle like diamonds (both big and little) in the sky. Definitely more pretty and dazzling than the ones in MI. There was also a meteor shower, and we saw several shooting stars. It was awesomely beautiful.

Some more license plates: WA, MN, AR, WI, OR, KA, WY, PA, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Scott shaved for the first time in more than two weeks. What a difference! Baby-faced (and younger-looking) again!

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I saw the sign!I saw the sign!
I saw the sign!

Unfortunately, many side trips are unavailable to those of us silly enough to tour in RVs. Missed this one by a foot.
Forest Fire DevastationForest Fire Devastation
Forest Fire Devastation

We saw a lot of this in Kaibab National Forest
Smokey the BearSmokey the Bear
Smokey the Bear

Not enough Smokeys and too much smoke
Scruffy ScottScruffy Scott
Scruffy Scott

Just before the shave

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