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February 27th 2011
Published: February 28th 2011
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Isn't this a cool/spooky picture?Isn't this a cool/spooky picture?Isn't this a cool/spooky picture?

I'm not even going to tell how it happened, as it was not my finest hour!

(Phoenix Christian School)

We’re on our eighth week at this project, and when we’ve been on one location that long; it’s really difficult to leave. The staff here has been so gracious to us. The motivating factor in moving is the blessings that await us at the next project. We’re only moving 35 miles (we’re going to make the whole trip in one day!!) to Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, in Mesa. It’s just south east of here.

This has been a physical challenge for our men~~they laid concrete, roofed two classroom buildings, painted the playground equipment at the preschool, as well as outside staircases, did quite a bit of electrical work, and put a roof between the two wrestling buildings. They also helped us paint the school kitchen, as it took all of us, and some extra hours, to get it completed during President’s Day break. I really enjoy the tasks where the men and women work together.

Some of the women (HELLO!!!) worked in the library, sorting donated books, putting labels on the spine lines, assigning barcodes and entering them in the computer. We got a lot done, but there are still so many more books
Rainbow CloudRainbow CloudRainbow Cloud

I'm sure this has a pricey scientific name, but I call it rainbow cloud. We were walking, and we watched this rainbow go all the way across the cloud. And I've seen it happen again since then.
to be worked. The other three women sewed nineteen costumes for the Music Man performance in April. It was a good thing the women were able, because I sure wouldn’t have been much help in that department! And they made 30 sheets for the cots in the preschool. This is one of the projects that could use all twelve of us full time~~or do I say that at the end of most projects!

A very unique thing about this two month project is that in eight weeks, we haven’t had a single tour where all twelve people were able to attend~~we had that many sick people. Twice we had people missing because of prior engagements, but never did we have twelve. First time we’ve ever had this much sickness. And I tell you what, keeping the work hours has nearly been a full time job, whereas it’s usually just routine cut-and-paste task!

Another thing that made this project unique is the amount of visitors we’ve had! Family (hi, Sara and Meg! And Amy!) and friends (hi to alllll of you!) I really like having visitors!!

Bob made a quick trip to headquarters in Smithville, TX, for the
Oranges everywhere...Oranges everywhere...Oranges everywhere...

The best oranges I've had ever were picked at our friends' house in Mesa. Sadly, the trees are still loaded, but the oranges are smaller and hard. They got heavy frost three nights in a row, and I wonder if that did it. They were like candy.
annual board meeting. Things I realized while he was gone: 1. I don’t like being alone. 2. I make a poor leader. 3. I don’t have the sense to go to bed at night when Bob’s gone. 4. I’m not a leader.

Last night (Saturday night) it got cold and we got quite a bit of rain here, but this morning we noticed that there’s snow in the mountains all the way around us! (Yes, we’re still in Phoenix!) The mountain to the south of us, Poccho, isn’t even that far away. We got rain. I like rain. It only got in the low 50s today, but not to worry, it’ll be back in the mid 70s by Tuesday. Thanks for your concern!

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in January???in January???
in January???

It must keep the snow away, because we sure don't have any! Possibly Montana should try it!
We visited a candy "factory"We visited a candy "factory"
We visited a candy "factory"

on one tour. This guy is 5' tall and weighs 500 pounds! Way more attractive than the fat guy in the red suit! (just my opinion...I didn't poll the four year olds!)
Now here's a job worth waking up for!Now here's a job worth waking up for!
Now here's a job worth waking up for!

He has ropes of chocolate caramel, with pecans, by the way, which will be cut into pieces and then coated in chocolate. HOW DO I APPLY????
Perhaps you've seen this,Perhaps you've seen this,
Perhaps you've seen this,

but it's worth one more look. This is the site from our front window (aka the windshield!)
Never a bad idea.Never a bad idea.
Never a bad idea.

We were just driving past ("hey, can you go around, because I need that picture"), so I'm not sure how they calmed the traffic. I'm thinking they put the chocolate santa on the street corner!
Translated:  This is a Mexican Walmart Market, Translated:  This is a Mexican Walmart Market,
Translated: This is a Mexican Walmart Market,

with the signs written in Spanish, and products geared toward that culture! It's always interesting to see the different product lines, but especially the amount of fresh produce in the Mexican markets!
University of Phoenix Stadium.University of Phoenix Stadium.
University of Phoenix Stadium.

Don't miss the cardinal on the entry. This thing looks like a hovering space ship. I've never really a hovering space ship, but I know stuff, and I know it would look like this.

17th March 2011

And that's not all...
I was just getting caught up on your blog since our Vegas trip. I was a little surprised to hear you say that I was "afraid" of the crazy Super Bowl people in was more like terrified! I am a true control freek and they by any measure were totally out of control.....and you loved it!! While you watched and laughed, I crawled back into my box and pulled the lid down!! It was a great time, I thought I was pretty educated, but apparently I need to get out more!! Maybe next year, I need time to recoup!
18th March 2011

Hi, Jean!
You're a goof! And a small-town goof at that! ;)

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