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February 6th 2011
Published: February 8th 2011
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This is just some of the RVs atThis is just some of the RVs atThis is just some of the RVs at

Quartsite. Many many more were parked in the desert among the shrubs. Nope, not my cup of tea!
February 6
(Phoenix Christian School)

So much has happened since I last blogged that I hardly know where to begin! Let me start with a health update~~thank you to the people who have inquired about our health. This flu, and I use that word loosely, because the doctor called it bug~~and we paid for that professional summation~~was an upper respiratory infection, and we coughed and sneezed and blew our noses for three weeks. There was comfort in the fact that all six of us were experiencing the same symptoms, because at least we knew no one would die from it….unless we all did. But we’re all well now, and the other six stayed well.

Two of our daughters, Sara and Megan, came to visit! What a thrill it was for us to have them around. I think it’s because they missed us so terribly, but the comment was heard that they just came to defrost! (They are from Montana and Minnesota!) Whatever, at least they were here. We toured and ate fresh fruit and laughed ate fresh fruit and talked and ate more fruit! Both the girls went home with hives. And with suitcases that included oranges!

Some of the cacti are over-achievers.Some of the cacti are over-achievers.Some of the cacti are over-achievers.

Some are just tiny, but this one thought he was in the Redwood Forest!
Friday we toured The Mystery Castle; it’s a native stone castle, consisting of 18 rooms, and 13 fireplaces. The builder, Boyce Gulley, died in 1945, and left it to his wife and daughter, who lived in Seattle, and had never seen the house. The daughter lived in it until November of 2010, when she, too, died. You’ll have to look at the pictures to get any idea of Gulley’s imagination. I took a lot of pictures of the different rooms, but when I look at them it’s hard to see what all is going on, so I’m not going to post many of them. The builder used natural materials for it, which include stones, petrified plants, and broken pieces of glass. It sounds very mishmash, and I’m doing a poor job describing it, but it was remarkable.

We also made a day trip to Sedona, about 90 miles northwest of here; it has the most beautiful red rock formations. We were there six years ago, and although the town has grown quite a bit, it’s still amazing to look at. We poked through the gift shops (unique gift shops!) and ate at one of the sidewalk cafes. Wonderful day
The Mystery Castle.The Mystery Castle.The Mystery Castle.

I couldn't get a shot of all three floors, but this gives you an idea of what it looked like.
and so much fun to have our girls to share it with!

Bob and I drove to Quartzsite to visit an RV extravaganza; it’s a town of 4,000 people, but during the months of November through March they figure there are more than a million people there. The main attraction, besides meeting other RVers is the many rock vendors~~collectors and rock hounds looking and selling decorative and unusual rocks. The main attraction for two weeks is the Big Tent, which is more than 55,000 square feet (did I say Big?!) and has around 300 vendors selling RV everythings. Just plain crazy! Not only are the RVs parked all around the town, but many of the rigs are just parked in the desert next to a shrub….dirt and all. They don’t have any hookups (duh) but trucks come around to dump them and fill them. When we’re at that kind of place, I always wonder how something like that gets started. How did the campers decide to stop at this little town smack dab in the desert, with nothing around it for miles. And miles. And miles.

I have lots more to tell, so it won’t be long
Kind of a funky Christmas Tree!Kind of a funky Christmas Tree!Kind of a funky Christmas Tree!

but that's not why I included it. It's the skeleton of a cactus. It's just a wooden tree with cactus skin on the outside! The Mystery Castle had several chairs made of cacti skeletons. (their term, not mine!) Notice that this whatever-it-is is two stories tall.
before I post again. Have a good week.

Additional photos below
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One room in the Mystery Castle One room in the Mystery Castle
One room in the Mystery Castle

had dozens of rocks painted to look like animals. I thought they were there for the taking, but Bob said no! They're fascinating. (I realize if I'd backed up you could see more of them!)
Notice who's picking the oranges?Notice who's picking the oranges?
Notice who's picking the oranges?

And who isn't! And notice that we were polite enough to bring our own bag...we're at friends' house, and they're coming in February, so I think we need to get what we want before they show up!
This gal is a local....This gal is a local....
This gal is a local....

we were wearing shorts, and had no coat in sight! She's watching two teams practicing softball...and yes, it was January when this was taken.
The rocks of Sedona are gorgeous...The rocks of Sedona are gorgeous...
The rocks of Sedona are gorgeous...

The desert isn't blooming yet, but when you see the little bit of green up against the brilliant red of the rocks, it's pretty.
Just to let you know we have snowJust to let you know we have snow
Just to let you know we have snow

in Arizona too! This is Flagstaff.
Coming home from Sedona we sawComing home from Sedona we saw
Coming home from Sedona we saw

five hot air balloons in the sky. They were too far away for us to catch up with. I included this one to help explain why we're having trouble with our sinuses~~notice the color of the sky? Called smog. Not nose friendly.
Remember the photo I took two weeks agoRemember the photo I took two weeks ago
Remember the photo I took two weeks ago

in Diamondback statium? They were putting down dirt for moto-cross event, and then had a monster truck thing there. When our girls were here we went down to take another look and watched them remove the dirt! They had plastic, then the protective boards, more plastic, and then dirt. The scraper could removed the dirt close enough that men with push brooms finished the job.

8th February 2011

What a great long weekend we had with you guys! And so cool to be able to picture where you are right now and where you'll be next month! I notice your blog didn't include any comments regarding the traumas Dad suffered while we were there :) The picture of Megan and I goofing while Dad's diligently picking oranges pretty much sums it up! The picture of the brown air made my eyes burn :) I sure love you guys!!
8th February 2011

Lucky You!!!!!
I'm so glad that you are living your dream. I believe RV living is great. You are in beautiful country. Keep up the good work and enjoying life.
8th February 2011

Hi, Sara!
Your dad's ears didn't quit bleeding for three days after you left! ;) We're just not used to having that many words for that long!
8th February 2011

Hi, Jean!
We are aware of how fortunate we are to be living this lifestyle, and every day we thank God for allowing it. Thanks for reading my blog!

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