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May 12th 2010
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Rock on way to L.PowellRock on way to L.PowellRock on way to L.Powell

Formation out of nowhere!
Surprise, surprise! After Judy thought we were scheduled to be in the Grand Canyon she discovered that we were a day ahead and needed to make an unscheduled stop somewhere. After checking the map we decided to make a detour to Page, Az and Lake Powell. A lake that was established in 1956 when Ronald Reagan pressed the button to start the first dynamite blast for the formation of the dam. Ten years later there was Lake Powell which is very nice and has some great walls of rock. It reminded me of several things we have seen but unique in its own sense. We enjoyed a 2 1/2 hr boat ride thru some twisting and narrow gorges. The pictures will speak for themselves. The road to Page was up and down and had great sights to see --- if you were not driving!

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Sand StormSand Storm
Sand Storm

We are having high winds lately and often presented with sand storms that make it hard to see.
Driving thru the rocksDriving thru the rocks
Driving thru the rocks

Amazing rock and narrow entrance. Really fun when you are in it and realize you are so small compared to the rocks that hang far above.
An imprint An imprint
An imprint

A dinosaur made these prints thousand of years ago.
Lake Powell BridgeLake Powell Bridge
Lake Powell Bridge

People can walk over this and see the water almost 600-800' below.
Looking down on damLooking down on dam
Looking down on dam

Amazing view of dam and how far below the land is.
Looking backLooking back
Looking back

There are about 2,100 miles of shoreline and the water is 560' at its deepest point.
Large marinaLarge marina
Large marina

There are so many houseboats on this lake that I could not count them all.
Rentals Rentals

--as far as the eye can see. And there are hundreds more to be added when the season really starts.
Starting out on waterStarting out on water
Starting out on water

Pretty view as we started out.
Self pictureSelf picture
Self picture

We are enjoying the ride.
Rock on topRock on top
Rock on top

Interesting rock on top of the hill.
Entering the twist and turnEntering the twist and turn
Entering the twist and turn

Water was clear and green.
Water line colorWater line color
Water line color

Where the white line ends and the dark one starts is where water has been at one point or another.
Full pondFull pond
Full pond

Full pond is at the line where the two colors connect. It is well over 70' from the water
Narrow turnsNarrow turns
Narrow turns

The boat winds in and out and must blow horn at several turns to warn others we are coming
Bill and JudyBill and Judy
Bill and Judy

Headsets are turned on & we receive recorded info on the area we are in. Very well done.
Old rockOld rock
Old rock

Some complained when 600' of rock was put under water but when drought came they became believers.
Hole in the rockHole in the rock
Hole in the rock

Small hole that actually goes thru to another area of water.
High rockHigh rock
High rock

This is the rock we saw long before arriving here at the lake. It was along the road miles back.
Pretty picture Pretty picture
Pretty picture

Island rock! When high water comes some formations disappear & captains must watch carefully.
Where does the hole go?Where does the hole go?
Where does the hole go?

When water drops new formations will suddenly appear. Water services many big cities like Phoenix, L.A., Flagstaff, and others.

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