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August 9th 2013
Published: August 11th 2013
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Last time I had visited the Grand Canyon, it was on a hiking trip with my brother John.

It was our first trip together, a great moment of bonding before he passed away. I was impressed with how hard he hiked, and I remember how much he enjoyed seeing the canyon in all its glory. My clearest memory, though, was when we were sitting around eating snacks. I was short on jerky but had plenty of gummies. John, holding an abundant supply of jerky proceeded to make me various offers on his goods. So we bartered for jerky - classic John.

I was really glad to also share this place with Allie. She too impressed me with how hard she hiked. We made record time out of the canyon, partially because we wanted to beat some other people hiking out - I never knew she was so competitive! Tired, dirty, and pounding the trail with heavy duty hiking boots, she’s never looked so beautiful.

After the Grand Canyon we made our way to Las Vegas. We got caught in a severe storm and had to wait it out on the interstate for six hours due to flooding. It was kind of nice though; we whiled our time by watching some movies on the laptop.

Vegas was Vegas. Girls, glamour, and gambling, that’s what’s there. It was a great time save for the moment we were wrangled in by a couple of guys offering tickets to shows, comp money, gambling credit, and two nights stay at their hotel if we just took a 90-minute timeshare tour. The “gifts” ended up being credit on “promotional slot machines” (which can not be redeemed for cash), a voucher on (basically useless), and I didn’t even bother hearing about the two night stay because I was about to flip tables up in there! I demanded to see anyone who could rectify this absurd deception. DECEPTION I TELL YOU!

But at the end of the day, we got what we deserved. The wranglers told us that we had to say we were already married to go on the tour, and we did. If anyone was being deceptive, it was us – is that poetic justice?

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12th August 2013

Grand Canyon and Las Vegas trip
It was like watching an adventure on your Grand Canyon and Las Vegas trip!

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