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September 15th 2011
Published: September 25th 2011
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Meteor Crater and Sedona.

Today we drove out to Meteor Crater, a couple of nights ago we watched Starman again just to get ready for today’s visit. We arrived and went into the visitors centre – this is not a national monument or park but a privately owned business. First we went out to look at the crater and what a size it was! Again it was hard to appreciate just how big it was, 20 american football pitches can fit into the bottom of the crater! There are telescopes situated at various points which you can look through and see certain features of the crater. One was of a rock at the top of the rim which was the size of a house, yet looked tiny. I took a picture of this rock and then again of it but in the wider picture of the crater just to try and get some perspective!

We went in and watched the film about the creation of the crater and then went out with one of the guides to look at the crater and learn more about its history and the scientific work that has and is being carried out there.
Meteor CraterMeteor CraterMeteor Crater

The rock the size of a house
NASA has even used the crater to teach astronauts about how to collect rocks on the moon and other astronaut training elements.

The museum within the centre was really interesting with lots of interactive models and I even recreated a meteor strike on earth! All in all a very interesting experience, I only wish Jeff Bridges has showed up!

16th September ’11 Sedona, Arizona

This place should be called The Glastonbury of Arizona! A great little town, very picturesque and full of fortune tellers, crystals, aura photography and all things mystical! I loved it and wished we had stayed here for a night. Mind you it was expensive, even the hippy clothing was very overpriced so I decided to resist and wait until I can buy it a source for a fraction of the price! The big thing was the energy vortexes that were around the area, sadly we didn’t find any of them.

The town was in a lovely location surrounded by beautiful red mountains and trees. We discovered the museum of film with photos of many of the 51 westerns that were filmed there! We also discovered that they have some arrangement going with
Meteor CraterMeteor CraterMeteor Crater

That rock in its' context
a local time share style operation and were told if we went to the 1 ½ hour preeeesentation we could get 2 free tickets to whatever jeep tour we fancied! We passed up on this treeeemendos opportunity and carried on mooching about. In several different places they had boot and hand prints from some of the western stars, unfortunately I hadn’t heard of any of them but they had very small hands and feet!

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