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April 15th 2011
Published: April 17th 2011
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From down the roadFrom down the roadFrom down the road

We took this while walking back up the hill.
It is a day like this one that inspires me to think about this life of mine. I'm 50 years old and I'm retired. I love my husband with a love I never dreamed could have existed before I met him. We live in a 36' RV and have started living a life that a lot of people have dreamed of but may never be able to experience! This is a life that is blessed beyond measure. We have entered a new phase of our trip now. We have really enjoyed our previous stops and the people we have met on this years trip to Arizona, but now we are alone. We have graduated to the "us" zone. Boondocking where no one else is or will be, surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, calm and quiet, and unfortunately, bugs.
This morning I woke up at about 6:00 to a faint, but plainly audible, "whoooosssh" sound. I got up and looked out the window and saw 4 or 5 hot air balloons rising over the horizon. The sun was just coming up behind them so it was just the siloettes you could see and the sound as they heated up the air inside
from the front of the RVfrom the front of the RVfrom the front of the RV

This is the same angle from the front of the trailer. The direction we face the chairs is pretty obvious....
the balloon. The 4-5 turned into a total of 8 balloons all around us! One came right over the top of us. We even said good morning and asked how the ride was going (GREAT). They came down really low to the ground then ("whooooossssh") were up and over the next hill and gone. It was such a treat! We hope they will be back tomorrow!
Bob and I both sat outside to enjoy breakfast and coffee and feel the sun on our faces... after breakfast, we took Allie for a walk down to the river. It was a wonderful walk. What peace! What beauty! There are a few campers down by the river, but no one really in sight, so we just cruised. Didn't see any critters this morning, but we know they are there! Allie just loves it here. She stays outside at night now. She won't even lift her head when we open the door and ask her if she wants to come in... talk about an obvious answer to THAT question! And the cat is in heaven. With Allie outside, she knows she is protected so she is prowling all night long. We haven't found any
The viewThe viewThe view

This is just outside our back (large) windows. I was hoping more color would come through
critters yet, but figure we'll have at least one before we leave here.
The bugs are out - the no-see-ums prolific here. But we have learned to adjust. We keep things closed up at dusk and leave them closed til sunrise, wear head to toe covering when outside, have started adding brewers yeast to our diet and keep reading about what else we can do to detract the little buggars. Bob's been hit several times, but so far I have avoided them - or they have avoided me (according to my mil, I need to "sweeten up" haha). So, depending on how we hold up, we'll be here until at least Thursday, then we'll head for Zion!

Wow. Thank you Lord! Who am I to be blessed to live this life?!?! Thank you for all of the wonderful people we have met and come to know and enjoy. Thank you for their ability to share their view of this world and how they have experienced it. For all the people who were thrilled to tell us about places they have been and what they have seen. Thank you for all of the "people in the Hood" who were there
Close upClose upClose up

This doesn't show the brilliance of the red in contrast to the green and blue all around it. It's just beautiful
for us in so many ways during our stay in Parker. And for friends who took us in and spent so many hours playing rousing games of cards, laughing, and sharing stories (Yeah! Girls rule!). Thank you for bringing to us the true life drama's of living with an illness, a disability, a recent death, or a family issue and the opportunity to pray for them all by name. Thank you, also, Lord for those in my life who think they have all the answers. They are constant reminders of the urgency of sharing your word. We thank you Lord for our families who anxiously await our arrival home. Thank you they can accept us and the life we have chosen to live. And Lord, we thank you for mornings such as this, when your glory reminds us of the beauty of the world you have created.
We ask that You will bless them all, Father and thank you for the blessings of our lives. In Jesus' name, Amen

I cannot begin to express to you how much of a blessing it is to include so many people in our daily prayers!

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Wake up callWake up call
Wake up call

This was the view out the window from our bed this morning!
Right overRight over
Right over

We talked to these guys while they were flying over!
I thought they might landI thought they might land
I thought they might land

These are the ones I was talking to. It came really close to the ground then they heated it up and went back up fast.

While the one was flying right over us, the others slid by along the tree tops on the north side.

17th April 2011

I so share with you the wonders you see. You are my "step" daughter, yet I feel so much more with you. God has blessed us with so much to see, so much to feel. We are blessed. Love you, Dianne
17th April 2011
18th April 2011

Wow...yet again!
What a crazy but incredible have with the hot air balloons!! It sounds amazing. Thanks so much for continuing to share all these amazing experiences you are enjoying! I love to read all about them!!

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