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North America » United States » Arizona » Chinle March 4th 2013

ANTONIO NARBONA The brief Spanish intervention in the Seven Years War resulted in their loss of Spanish Florida to Great Britain, but they gained French Louisiana which included the port city of Mobile in what is now Alabama. In 1773 Antonio Narbona, of pure Spanish blood, burst onto the scene in Mobile. At the tender age of 15 Antonio moved to Sonora to join the army of New Spain as a cadet in the Santa Cruz Company. He was sponsored by his brother-in-law, the commandant Brigadier Enrico Grimarest. On January 27, 1793 Antonio Narbona was promoted to the rank of ensign at the garrison in Fronteras. He took his soldiering seriously. In January of 1805 he led a punitive expedition out of Chihuahua against the Navajo who had been raiding Cebolletta, a Spanish settlement at the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Chinle October 24th 2011

Weeks of driving and hikes in hot, dry air and direct sunlight caught up to me today. I spent it recuperating. Just as well, because another cold front came through this afternoon bringing rain in its wake. While rain clouds are the literal source of life to the Navajo and Hopi who live here, they can wreck havoc with travel . I stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge in Chinle, one of the better lodgings in the area. Having said that, it’s basically a better than average motel with beautifully landscaped grounds. Given the relative lack of hotel options in Chinle, it’s also expensive. The lodge is owned by Navajo, but the culture only shows through artworks in various places and the well stocked url= read more

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