Superstition Mountain

Published: March 21st 2019
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We had hiked a trail on Superstition Mountain last year and really enjoyed it, but there was plenty more there to explore, so we drove back over there in the morning. We parked at a trailhead just east of LD State Park, and headed out towards the high ground. It was a perfect day as we wound our way through the saguaros and other desert plants. It was probably the best part of a mile before we began to climb towards the rocks. We passed a tree where other hikers had built a curving wall from stones found laying about, one stone at a time. We stopped and made our own contribution, this is the kind of wall building we do endorse.

There were many options on routes, but we stayed to the east, having done the central path last year. We headed up into some fascinating landscape, with the morning sun just peaking over the jagged, rocky spires that flank this side of the mountain. We found a cave that needed exploration, then picked our way up into the saddle area between the outcrops. The view was worth the climb, but it was too windy up there to hang around and enjoy it. We did find a protected spot to have our lunch though, and that was great.

After a bit, we let gravity have it's way, and we clambered back down onto the flats, and then back to the truck. We were almost back into the Apache Junction/Mesa area, so we decided to explore a bit in town for the afternoon. I had seen the location of a weekend swap meet when we were there a few days ago. So, this being Saturday, we decided to head there.

I have determined that there are basically two types of flea market/swap meet. There is the kind with all new junk for sale, then there is the kind with all old junk for sale, this one, sadly, was the former. As much as I love to root around in old stuff, I have zero interest in the kinds of things they had here -- magic pillows, walk in tubs, cute/stupid tee shirts, customized golf carts, etc. Usually, though, in these kind of places I can at least enjoy the people watching. Here, even that was boring, just a sea of old white people, this was the Phoenix area after all. Lots and lots of "Red Hats" too, and tons of T-Rump items for sale, all you could ever want really. Of course, were there none, it would still be all I ever want. Cathy got bored with it pretty quickly too, the only bright spot was cheap draft beer -- that makes anything tolerable.

As we headed back, Cathy wanted to stop at a "Fry's" supermarket we had past on the way in. Now THAT was some shopping! What a beautiful store! What a produce department! Why, they even had a little wine/draft beer bar section. Cathy graciously offered to do the shopping while I sampled a very nice local heffewiesen, my kind of "shopping" that.

Back at the campsite we checked the weather again, and it was finally showing some warming up north over the next few days. So time has come to head up to the Colorado river at Lees Ferry. We'll break camp and be off in the morning.

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