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North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction March 21st 2019

We had hiked a trail on Superstition Mountain last year and really enjoyed it, but there was plenty more there to explore, so we drove back over there in the morning. We parked at a trailhead just east of LD State Park, and headed out towards the high ground. It was a perfect day as we wound our way through the saguaros and other desert plants. It was probably the best part of a mile before we began to climb towards the rocks. We passed a tree where other hikers had built a curving wall from stones found laying about, one stone at a time. We stopped and made our own contribution, this is the kind of wall building we do endorse. There were many options on routes, but we stayed to the east, having done ... read more
Rocky Spires
Superstition Cave
Mountain Goat

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction March 18th 2019

As soon as we had arrived at the Tortilla Campground, I had my eye on the ridge across the creek from us on the other side of the canyon. It began as a low hill a little bit west of us, then tapered up gradually to the east, until near the end, where it steeply rose to a sort of mesa, with sheer cliffs falling several hundred feet over the road. It looked very climbable, though the last pitch could be a challenge. The real issue though, was the creek. A few days ago, when we had come up here on our reconnaissance mission, it had looked like you could step over it. After the heavy rains of our last night at Dutchman, it was a torrent. So I watched it, and on our third day ... read more
Cold Feet
Trail to the Top
Long View Lake

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction March 15th 2019

We decided that we were definitely not going to try to drag Fred over 40 miles of twisting, narrow, washboard gravel east on the Apache Trail to get to our next destination. So, we had to do an end-around to get where we were going. We headed back south on 188 to Claypool, then west on AZ 60, heading towards Phoenix. That road turned out to be interesting in its own right. Very mountainous, with some steep climbs and decents, lots of turns, and even a short tunnel. In due course though, we found ourselves back at Lost Dutchman SP, right on the doorstep of the Superstition Mountains. We were taking a chance here, as this is a very popular campground, and we had no reservations. It was Sunday, so we were able to secure two ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction March 15th 2019

With the weather still overcast, we hooked up and took our leave of Lost Dutchman SP. We were in no hurry, as this would be our shortest camp-move of the trip. It’s only about 12 miles to Tortilla Flats, but what a difference those few miles make. Nice as it is, Lost Dutchman is like camping in a city park, while up the twisty roads and over the ridges to the Tortilla Campground, it’s practically wilderness. We found a good spot open, with great southern exposure for our solar panel, and we were all set. The drive in was no problem, I actually enjoyed snaking Moby and Fred around the many curves. The guy we were camped next to said there were 116 curves, to be exact, but we didn’t count. Cathy seems to be getting ... read more
Into the Canyon
Sportboat Shore Lunch
Happy at the Helm

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction December 31st 2017

Before Chapter 2017 of The Great Adventure even began, I became an adoptive single parent to an infant (a 2017 Dodge Ram) and a toddler (a 2013 Bighorn 5th wheel). I hesitate to say either was new since both were used or previously owned or previously drive or whatever is politically correct these days. The days spent shopping for both occupied a good part of my “planning for 2018” time, completing the paperwork and awaiting my Illinois tags cost some more time and downsizing from the travel trailer to the 5th wheel resulted in yet more – yes, the old Pilgrim had more storage space than the new Bighorn! All told, my departure from Apache Junction AZ ended up being deferred until June 15, 2017. That’s much too late for Uncle Larry as the temperatures had ... read more
Some Folks Had a Front-Row Seat – In the Sun!
Well Over 100 Monitors Present Snippets of Instrument Performances
This Memorial Is Aligned Such That the Sun Shines Through the Ellipses of the Five Armed Services Pillars and Onto The Great Seal of the United States at 11:11 AM on 11/11 – Veterans Day

The opening and closing segments of the 2016 Chapter of The Great Adventure went pretty much according to plan, but Uncle Larry relearned the value of flexibility during the middle portion of the trip. I usually limit my plans to only a couple of time-dependent events, and 2016 was no different. First, I wanted to spend Mother’s Day with my 94-year-old Aunt Lena in Florida. During my week in Sanford, we enjoyed portions of several days together. Second, I wanted to attend White Mills Days in White Mills KY, birthplace of my mother and home to my only other surviving aunt. I had been promising 88-year-old Aunt Louise that I would attend White Mills Days “one of these years.” Stop procrastinating, Uncle Larry! Neither of you are getting any younger. She is still very active physically ... read more
One Of Several Sculptures Found On The Museum Grounds
One Of The Young Competitors Getting Some Last Minute Practice
An Opportunity To Mingle And Chat As Well As To Admire The Beauty Of the Native Attire

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction March 15th 2016

The 2015 Chapter of The Great Adventure was full of fun, adventure and lots of state capitals. By my definition, a state capital, in most cases, is actually a trilogy – the state capitol, the state history museum and the state Vietnam veterans’ memorial. I began in a city I have visited numerous times but have never taken the time to examine – El Paso TX. I headed to Mission TX, in the southern tip of Texas, to visit some friends that winter there and made a stop in Houston where I found one of the best kept secrets of museumdom – the National Museum of Funeral History and got a space fix at NASA's Johnson Space Center. I continued north through Shreveport LA where I got some Bonnie and Clyde history lessons and onward to ... read more
Saddles for Barstools – Nice Theme Statement
Some Call It Barren – I Call It Drop Dead Gorgeous
Without Dams, Lakes in Arizona Would Be Rare Commodities

Since I relocated my winter headquarters to Phoenix metro early in 2014 and since one of my sister’s granddaughter’s (my great-niece) relocated to Chino Valley AZ in mid 2014, my sister has been planning a trip to Arizona and, then, to California to visit her best friend. She dislikes the snow and the cold of Illinois winters as much as I, but, all thing considered, it’s not really practical for her to relocate. At 84 years young, she doesn’t have the stamina to walk even moderate distances anymore, so I tried to pick a few attractions that wouldn’t tax her abilities too much and saved them for her visit in mid-February – a GREAT time to escape Illinois. Our first stop was the Wells Fargo Museum in downtown Phoenix AZ. There is no parking lot for ... read more
Giddy Up – My Sister Was A Back Seat Driver Before Steering Wheels Existed
Treasure Maps To The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine – Which Is Legitimate???
Various Regions Of China Occupy Several Displays

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction August 13th 2014

My long range plans have always included transitioning my “home base” to the southwest. I am a sucker for blue skies and low humidity. I had a great time with my aunt and her family and plan to return for short visits. My best friend from childhood, Gary, knew of those plans. When I told him I wanted to make that transition in the spring of 2014, he was pleased. We hadn’t seen each other in almost five years. When I queried him about the specifics, i.e., allowing me to use his address as my VA mail drop and driving me home after outpatient procedures that require sedation or anesthesia, he readily agreed. Initially, I was planning to stay at an RV park near Gary’s; however, when he learned of my accelerated relocation plan, he suggested ... read more
The Prickly Pear Were Still In Bloom
As Were The Saguaro – My Favorite
One Of The Canyon Fingers We Explored

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction April 21st 2013

Some final photos from Apache Junction, Arizona - Lost Dutchman State Park - The region we came from a few hours south and this region we're in the hottest / driest location on the continent. Summer daytime temps average over 100 degrees and this region gets 7-12 inches of rain PER YEAR. Despite this, the ground is covered with adapted plants, it seems almost too plush considering the little rain the area gets. The first set of pictures.....A series id like to call 'Good Night Cacti' show my fun with the cactus silhouettes and the setting sun. The second set of pics is a series from my hike up to the local high point via the Siphon Draw Trail up to about 5,100 ft (starting at only 2,080ft) big vertical gain over a three mile ... read more

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