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June 1st 2016
Published: June 2nd 2016
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When young people complain that someone asked them for proof of their age they get upset. Tonight, perhaps for the last time in my life, an Alaskan waiter asked for my passport as proof of age. Yes! The holiday has made me younger. That can be the only logical conclusion, surely. (Over zealous RSA may have been her motivation but I don't care. I will take it in the best light possible.)

Anchorage is a pleasant, well laid out city. It is one big grid. We only heard two car toots all day and they were very justified. The most populous fishing spot in the world is here where the salmon swim annually. It is just across from the ulu factory, one of which we purchased. The school kids get from mid May to end of August off for school holidays. Can you imagine that?

The snow is disappearing rapidly from the surrounding mountains as spring takes a firm hold here and our holiday is finishing even faster. The weather today has been comparable with Sydney I suspect, though the days are obviously longer. En route to the airport to leave this morning we met a lady from Spokane Wa, pronounced spoken, who reassured us that in winter when you arrive at what feels like minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these days seem a dim memory.

It has been interesting travelling in the USA with the elections pending. No one I have spoken to yet understands the rise of Trump. They are all embarrassed by the whole situation so that is reassuring at least.

We are sitting in the YVR terminal looking at an enormous tank of fish. It is quite relaxing. As we don't board until 2300, I must resist the urge to sleep. It must be time to do another lap of the terminal.

I sign off for the travel blog and now have to start saving so I can add the next instalment, whenever and where ever it may be. See you all soon.


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