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July 8th 2015
Published: July 8th 2015
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6.7.15. SYDNEY TO ANCHORAGE via 6 Hr stopover Vancouver Airport. Departed Sydney on a cold clear morning. Sydney airport hectic and teeming with people. Itsapparent that the terminal is now quite old and was built without expectation of todays' travelling public volume! A looong uneventful flight, arriving in Vancouver 14 hours later, the time difference is 17 hours, so I arrived here before i departed. The atmosphere is very smoky and obstructed the good views of harbour and mountains. Major fires have broken out on the Sunshine coast, north of Vancouver causing the haze. British Columbia is in the grip of a major drought contributing to the fire dilemma. Anchorage, Alaska- you know your in the largest State in the Union ( to paraphrase Michelle Shocked). A very large state ( not in the sense of Queensland or WA) , but in comparison to all other US states, excepting perhaps Texas, which I will experience at ride end in 75days! It took hours to fly over part of it. We flew up the coast, unfortunately most of the view was obstructed by smoke haze, and with the bright sunshine it was difficult to see the view. It must look stunning on clear days. Passed some high peaks,15,000 feet, unfortunately couldn't see any low passes! Arrived at about 5pm and the bag/bike transfer was relatively smooth. Met 3 other riders who were on the same plane, all locals from North America. Anchorage must be a boom and bust town. Currently looking a little down at heel, possibly low energy prices. There are all the usual high end hotel chains ( for ship tourists and energy/ construction execs, ( not bike riders), and many smaller inns. Most buildings are low, up to 4 levels, and very closed construction, narrow windows, to counter the bitter winter weather. The van driver said winter days can be as low as -40. He must mean F. Streets are wide and the city is flat. Definitely feels like a frontier town. Many asians here, many Phillipinoes, workers for the energy industry I presume. Saw two Philippine Airways jets at Anchorage airport. Still very bright outside and its 9 pm. Lucky the room has heavy curtains. Day 2. ANCHORAGE. 8.7.15 Apparently my post last night was not posted. Perhaps the blog screener objected to it. Haha.I will try and resend, apologies if you did receive it. A day of rest and putting the bike together. Happily both went well. Mainly overcast day, making Anchorage feel a little gloomy. I will never again berate the GC!! Promise.


9th July 2015

Here we go Again
Good luck with the ride Roger - looking forward to reading about your adventures. Does make my Lands End John O'Groats look a little tame - but hey from little acorns!
10th July 2015

Hi Peter, its all relative. I had a look at your trip. Awesome and looks tough. So this may be longer, but not likely tougher. We' ll see!!! Keep in touch. Tell me if they are boring. Cheers Roger

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