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October 12th 2011
Published: October 12th 2011
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Lazy Days at Demopolis Yacht Basin
As we approached Demopolis the name reminded me of Greece and Greek Food, maybe a bit like Tarpon Springs, Fl. WRONG!!!! This sleepy little city is very southern, very, very southern. We settled in on Sunday and borrowed the loner car to go for dinner. WRONG!!! Most restaurants in this neck of the woods are closed on Sunday. We managed a meager meal and returned for an evening of TV (a luxury). WRONG!!! You plug the cable in and get three stations; cartoons, cartoons and one PBS station (not bad except that they play the same show 15 times in a row.
Monday morning called for a trip around the marina. Interesting folk, some in transit to places south, one to places north and some just there (for years). Everyone was most friendly and in visiting with folks in the “Boater’s Lounge”, we did pick up some tips on cleaning products, future anchorages, sites to visit and stories of how and why folks were where they are. Interestingly there are as many reasons that drew folks to a boating life as there are folks. For some it was on their “bucket list” for others it was an escape to a cheap, yet fulfilling way of life. (I think, it’s only cheap if you don’t move your boat.) Some of the vessels were amazingly beautiful and well cared for while others were habitats and nothing more.
At the onsite restaurant, I ventured with the local fare, a fried crab leg. Huh????The waitress explained that it was the knuckle of the crab leg and was very tasty. Well, it really was pretty good. I thought it was better than most fried clams. Speaking of meals, on our last day, today (Wed, Oct 12), we borrowed the car to “cruise” the newest drive-in hamburger joint. “Sonic”, would easily remind you of the “old time” drive in diners that we used to frequent (you know; like in the 50’s). All it lacked were the roller skating waitresses delivering your meal. I had a real Coney Island Dog delivered by a slower than molasses waitress with a beautiful smile. So now, I can say, “Been there; done that!”
After a full pump out and fill up (71gals of fuel), we left Demopolis for Foscue Creek, not very far away. The voyage, although short, was lovely. Dropping anchor in the channel and tying to a tree on shore, allowed us to stay out of the channel and reminded us of anchoring at Boca Grande. Shortly after anchoring, we encountered a bazillion black birds (yup, like the Alfred Hitchcock variety). Hope they stay in the trees and maybe keep the mosquitoes at bay. We’ll spend the night and be ready at the crack of dawn to tackle the nearby lock on our way south to Mobile,Al.

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13th October 2011

Looks like fun!
Now I had a chance to catch up with all your notes and pictures. Great! At Kentucky Lake Dam, I think, is a state park with a runway where I landed and stayed overnight. From there I went to Crossville, TN and had a new engine installed. We spent the week whitewater rafting and at sites along the Blue Ridge including Gatlinburg, and Ashville. One week later we flew the tested the new engine and flew home. One week latter it required a new cylinder. At that point I wished I had the old engine even with all the hours. The new engine never was as good as the old. When I sold the plane it was ready for another engine. I was glad it wasn’t going to be my problem. The rivers are beautiful! My friend Jean did your route with her Great Circle trip. She enjoyed the area so much they bought a condo in Chattanooga. I either landed there or Huntsville depending on the weather. Good weather was Chattanooga, bad was Huntsville.

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