Getting hit but a coconut is not a joke!!!

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December 12th 2005
Published: December 12th 2005
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Getting hit by a coconut is not a joke.... but right now you can't do anything but laugh at the situation. It could've been my head... i could've been concussed.. but i'm.... ok.... the most uncomfortable sleep last night though....

it's like getting hit by a bowling ball falling from ummm like 16 metres up. or like some superb soccer player, just kicking a ball right into you... fun times

anyways. sorry guys it's going to be a boring one... not pictures... coz me blogs actually take up more time than you would realize, but soon... i promise.

but the down low?
creel / first stop of the trip, it's supposedly bigger than the grand canyon, but greener and there's a village the at the bottom batopilas were we venture down to...
copper canyon train ride / over rated. the one down to business week was better lily 😊
el fuerte/ plesant little town, meet a guy that reminded me of rhys, look and nature... crazy london-er
mazatlan/ spent a couple days on a sailboat with a couple i met in creel
puerto vallarta/ touristica playa.... beach, burn, blondes... i froliced in the water... but i'm sure it would labelled polluted in new zealand... lol
sayulita/ met up with some lads i met earlier, when for a excellent exploration experience yesterday, felt like a kid again.... got hit by a coconut, and it's just like the lonely planet book says, a cosy community of surfies and hippies 😊 jade likes

anyways next , the little town of tequilla. sorry bout the no pictures . i would be bored out of my brain but now too.... but just to let you know what this little one is up to.... here we go

lovE much
jadE 😊xo


13th December 2005

Lol...i can't believe you got hit by a i shudnt laugh- thats quite unfortunate...but me being brown on the inside couldnt help laughing- but with most sincerity i hope your
8th January 2006

See! Coconuts will smash asians anyday! Niue for life! lmao, JOKES EVERYONE! I had to say it... begging to be said

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