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May 5th 2009
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Progresso BeachProgresso BeachProgresso Beach

Probably one of the worst beaches we visited on our entire trip...can't be bad!
5/5/09 = Progresso Beach

Good sleep despite the sweat provoking heat and woke up at 8:30 with desire to sleep forever. Only the lure of fresh bread and 4 slices of it toasted, got me out of bed 😊. Chichen Itza still closed due to dreaded flu and the second best thing = underground caves also closed. Had to go for the third thing on the list…Progresso Beach. Been a while since had a beach day and couldn’t lounge around doing nothing again. Changed and off we went to catch our 11peso, 30min bus to take us to the beach. Low expectations - not supposed to be the nicest beach in Mexico or anything - but still looking forward to it.

Got off bus in Progresso town, took a few wrong turns, got some directions from armed police and finally found the water. Was actually quite a nice seaside(ish) town and the beach wasn’t bad either. No, not the nicest beach ever seen - can only say that now been to Thailand…Fiji… Hawaii … - but definitely not the worst. Clear, clean sand and water to match. A street lined with shops and restaurants with a really nice beach feel overall. Found a spot on the beach and noticed that we were the only tourists around, which was actually nice. Lots of Mexicans enjoying beach, because just like home, it was a public holiday. Aside from the blonde hair that made us stand out a mile, the fact that we were the only people laying on the sand didn’t help. All the Mexican people gathered and sat in big groups under large coconut-type umbrellas, beside buildings or on the rocks - absolutely nobody laid on the beach, or even in the sun…except us!

Laid enjoying the breeze for a few hours - so nice to feel breeze again - dipping in and out of water to cool off. Water was really strange; first time been in anything like it. It was warm…actually warm. Not one bit cringe-worthy as got in. Refreshing, because it was wet, but as soon as got out, wanted to get straight back in again because it was such a weird/warm temperature. It was also a really milky green colour - reminded me of some of the lakes in NZ.

By 2:30, the lovely cooling breeze had turned into a wind that was creating mini-sandstorms determined to bury us in sand. Withstood what we could, but then left as skin started to tingle with signs of exfoliation occurring. Wondered up beach street really impressed with restaurants. Some really good seafood places; shame we weren’t hungry. Got our regular treat of the day = 25p can of Fanta, then got first class bus back to Merida town. 4peso more and supposedly more direct, although since it took exact same amount of time, not really sure how that works?

As soon as stepped off bus, got hit in face by the 40º heat that is Merida. No breeze, just a still furnace of heat. Scuttled into protection of hostel before started to cook from insides out. Idled away a few hours reading and on internet (same old), then headed into Zocalo to eat. Surprisingly, there actually weren’t that many nice places to eat; took us a while to find a nice enough looking place on the corner. Got taco’s - trying to work my way through all of the Mexican dishes - but the lack of free nachos we have both become so accustomed to, left me still hungry and having to order a strawberry cheesecake desert. Nice enough, but I guess cheesecake is not a Mexican speciality.

Back to hostel, made plans for next few days. Chichen Itza still closed tomorrow, but underground caves = open. So, caves tomorrow and hopefully, Chichen Itza next day. Looking forward to both. Did our few compulsory hours blogging on internet (suppose you can’t moan at 2hrs work a day), had our routine of fruit and yoghurt (still loving mangoes), chatted for a while, then showered and bed. Managed a little diary writing, but gave in when eyes and head started dipping.

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The best entrance to a hostel room!The best entrance to a hostel room!
The best entrance to a hostel room!

The bars on the door only make it more fitting!

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