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November 30th 2013
Published: March 17th 2017
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When I arrived, by night, in Mazatlan I had a bit of troubles in finding a place to stay, cause I found a guesthouse on my guide but it was temporarily closed and I had to ask someone for a closeby stay and finally I found a motel in the interior of the city.

I was worried to walk searching for a place to stay at night in a state like Sinaloa which is not probably the safest part of the country but at the end I had no issues and safely got to my place.

This is a Pacific Coast city with fine colonial buildings and a lovely "Malecon" promenade with a prestine beach about 13 km long.

Beside the always fascinating and attractive "Zocalo" of the city I particularly liked the coastline with its numerous artistic sculptures placed along the "Malecon" that are only fantastic and the cool air of the day was perfect.

I heard that this city is very popular with the so called cliff divers that are daredevil people who jump from a cliff into the sea risking their lives.

I have seen one that day when I was walking along it the promenade: he dived between the cliff and a boulder and that was incredible.

I cannot believe that there are a few people performing that and it became one of the top attractions of Mazatlan's city.

I liked also the many restaurants down the stairs of the promenade cooking grilled fish just caught and that nice odour that came up.

It was alluring and I could not help but to go and try some of the delicious fish that was there.

The ambiance at that moment was great: looking at the sunset, great atmosphere, peacefulness, good food, fresh drink and friendly people.

I definitely had a great time in this little Pearl of the Pacific town as it is known by the local people

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