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North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan October 10th 2018

It’s another earlyish start as we are catching the 9am bus. We are up at 6.30am for showers and final pack up before breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. This turns out to be quite slow service - I claim it’s Ian’s fault...he ordered omelette and we’ve just seen the eggs arriving! It’s a huge omelette accompanied by mashed beans. Ditto for my pancakes...far too large to contemplate finishing! Breakfast done, we check out in the nick of time and order our Uber to the bus station. Today we are with Futura bus company. The driver and his assistant arrive looking like airline pilots with gold stripes on their jackets and braided hats - very smart, apart from the cigarette dangling from the driver’s fingers. He checks the large luggage compartment before his second-in-command begins loading and ... read more
On the bus to Culiacan
Sinaloa mountains

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan October 6th 2018

In our bid to avoid the heat, we are up early and have left our apartment by just gone seven. We start with an art walk along the boardwalk. The first exhibit is a fibreglass golf cart - like those that whizz around town fleecing tourists. The tide is in and the waves are pounding. It looks like it might have rained last night as there are large puddles everywhere. It’s a fair distance from here down to the first fountain. This has no water today, although it showered us the night before last. There are quite a few people up and about, walking, cycling and jogging. There is also an aerobics class in full swing on the promenade as well as swimmers and surfers in the ocean. The bay curves around and we reach the ... read more
Dolphin fountain
Mermaid and waves
sea divers platforms

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan October 5th 2018

The plan this morning was to be up by 7am and out by 7.30am. Unfortunately I woke with a splitting headache which delayed us slightly. I think I am finding the heat and humidity a bit much! We leave at 9am and already it is hot, though not quite as bad as yesterday afternoon. We take an Uber to Le Faro, a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop at the end of the bay. Our car takes us as far as he can go and from there it is walking only, up to the top. The path takes us beside a sewage plant which stinks - not a good start! We follow a gravel track which twists and winds it’s way (hopefully) up to the top. We meet a lot of people coming down but no-one going ... read more
On the glass viewing platform
Views from Le Faro
A swim in the Pacific

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan October 4th 2018

Check out at this hotel is at 10am - rather early but our bus is at 11am so not too inconvenient. Today’s bus is starting at our pick up point so we assume it won’t be late - I hope that’s not famous last words! I had a reasonable nights sleep but Ian reports that his bed was lumpy. :-( We are down in reception at 9.45am ready to check out. Given the place that we are, we have planned to walk to the bus station with the vague hope of flagging down a taxi on the way. We know there is no hope of flagging one down outside our hotel. The bus station is only four blocks away (10 minutes walk according to google) but the wheel on Ian’s bag is in a delicate state ... read more
Toll road bridge
Suspension bridge and tunnels
Mountain view

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan May 20th 2018

Mazatlan was our original intended ferry destination from La Paz, and although it’s taken us another day we’ve made it here via a night in Los Mochis and a 7 hour bus trip (which was comfortable enough). Acapulco may be famous for cliff divers but Mazatlan has them too. Around lunch time when enough of a crowd has built up we see one guy do his dive. It’s not from a very high point but there’s no way you would catch me doing this – even if he makes a 1000 pesos in tips per dive. Mazatlan is really not too bad a place. The prom is brash and noisy – it reminds me a lot of places in Spain. It caters for a Mexican, rather than foreign, crowd, but the beach is pretty good and ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan January 21st 2018

Hello folks, and thanks for visiting our blog site. It just occurred to Fi and me that our last proper blog entry was over two weeks ago, when we were still in Mulege. Fi posted a tribute to Goldie last week (we greatly appreciate the kind words that many of you sent us!) but it’s been a while since we actually let anyone know where we’ve been lately. Since our last post from Mulege, on the Baja peninsula, we’ve travelled to and through Loreto, south to La Paz, and across the Sea of Cortez via car ferry to the bustling, seaside tourist destination of Mazatlan. We’re currently about 50 miles south of Mazatlan at a nearly deserted campground right on the beach. This place has a fantastic pool, is very serene, and even has clean bathrooms ... read more
Fi and Goldie in Mulege
Rancho Verde, south of La Paz
Los Barriles, Baja

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan November 17th 2016

We have arrived at our winter home. All set up and enjoying the view and getting together with old friends....We arrived November 4th. after a long trip from Nogales, AZ to here in Mazatlan. Our first day, October 31st was just to San Carlos. We decided to stay three days to relax and rest up for the rest of the trip. With our new friends, Dale and Judy and their son, Alex we had a great time showing them what we love about San Carlos. It was the very first place we went in Mexico many years ago. It was in 1994. We parked on the beach and stayed three weeks. Met some amazing people and fell in love with the country. The people here are so warm and helpful. And we found that all the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan September 28th 2015

Going to get some much needed rest and much needed relaxation before I go to Guadalajara. I slept most of the night this city is a noisy with the Pulmonia going around with there loud music. A Pulmonaia is a little four wheeler that will take you from one place to another along the beach and at on time it use to cost 50 cents about 35 years ago when I was first time I came here, now they charge 200 dollars. Pulmonaia means pneumonia in English. The four wheeler is open so you get hit with cold air at night so you might get pneumonia. I do not like to use them I use there bus system and it runs along the beach for 10 paseo that about 75 cents. The second day I spent ... read more
Night picture of Mazatlan
Kids clean street and beach
Mazatlan looking south

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan September 24th 2015

I was up all night I had Montezuma Revenge sicker than a dog. I was trying to decide if I should come home or keep on going to my next stop Mazatlán. I had some pills that I always take just in case I get sick so I started taking them and by morning I was filling better. I didn't even have breakfast I just stayed in my room until 2:00 pm that is the time they would pick us up and take us to the train. The lady that runs the hotel came out and thank us for stay there I thought that was nice of her. We loaded on the train around 3:00 pm and I just went to sleep and I could smell some thing cooking on the meal care and it was ... read more
Mazatlan from my hotel room
Mazatlan at night
Mazatlan in the morning

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan March 18th 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 As always, Todd is up and earlier (5:15am) to work on his computer before everyone else. Since this is my first morning on the ship, I needed to find a location on the ship that was quiet and where is a power source. Instead of going to the Piazza, I decided to head up to the Horizon Café. There is a coffee and the buffet should be slow. I was able to locate a place to hunker down for a while. It was quite peaceful, though I could not see outside because it was still too dark. I returned to the room around 7:00 am to get everyone up early. We were going to our first port, everyone else’s second port, Mazatlán. After everyone was up, dressed, and ready to go, we ... read more
Family photo - Salsa and Salsa Tour - Santa Fe Ocean Suites
The salsa making crew - Salsa and Salsa Tour - Santa Fe Ocean Suites
Jenny and Michael with Sophia - Salsa and Salsa Tour - Santa Fe Ocean Suites

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