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February 10th 2006
Published: February 24th 2008
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Mexico was one of the best vacations ive ever had! It was two weeks of pure relaxation and sun. Karolina and I would wake up around 700am, grab a starbucks cold frap from the store and lay out on the pool chairs and take a little nap. Every now and then wed take a dip in the pool or go for a stroll on the beach, but other then that we didnt move much haha. We could even have our food and drinks delievered to our beach chair!! We got SO nicely tanned its insane!! We didnt want to leave!!

Some of the highlights of the trip would be:

- Playing cards at night with Karolina while we ate our noodles from Walmart
- Taking dance lessons and going for bikerides with "the boys"
- Watching movies at night on the big screen with again, "the boys" and eating pizza/popcorn with hot sauce all over it
- Going to XCaret Park and floating down the under ground river while I did various accents from around the world
- The night show at XCaret, that was INCREDIBLE!!!
- Late night swims in the pool
- The Fiesta on our final night at the resort
- The night Karolina and I decided to turn the jacuzzi in our room into a hottub, but it broke and started spraying water all over the place
- Watching "Laguna Beach" in our hotel room
- Being the judges for a contest "the boys" were running

And now, some of the quotes that we gathered over our two weeks there. Theres alot of them!!! These are things that were mainly said to us... a few are from us aswell.

Same name, same colour shirt, same boyfriend?? (towel dude)
HEY you ladies single!? (random man in playa del carmen)
Hey you! White guy! (Hiram)
Your name is carolyn? Okay i call you Cameron Diaz! (towel dude)
Lets go tan our pale tails!!! (Carolyn)
Shalalala shalalala heey heey heey GOODBYE!! (DONT CRY) (Hiram and Jonathan)
Why you no eat? Ahh you had too much to DRINK last night!? (Hiram)
I pull!? *gasp* NO YOUR SO BAD! Aha I KNOW! (Hiram)
Soo... you got a boyfriend back home? (Hiram)
HEY! ITS MIGUEL! (Carolyn & Karolina)
Miss. high and migh-TY (Carolyn)
Do the fake laugh again!!! (Karolina)
look look! de dolphins in de ocean! quick! take peectures! AHA! (Hiram)
No one EVER carries a MEXICAN! (Carlos)
Heeey cowgirl... heeeey mexicana! (Hiram)
PRIME LOCATION... thats all i say *wink wink nudge nudge* (Karolina)
Hola seƱiorita! I LIKE your HAT! Geeedy op! (Hiram)
My friends got a girlfriend... (Hiram)
See you cant stretch in the water because of the... the... OH FORGET IT I CANT SAY!!!! JUST COME ON!!! SHALALALALA!!!!!! (Hiram)
Nooo-eee (Karolina trying to do an aussie accent)
In cancun everyone is single (Jonathan)
I think the last time i saw you was in a store window in Amsterdam? (Hiram to some hoochie)
If you want coochie coochie, you gotta go OUTSIDE of the gate (Hiram)
CAMERON! (Towel dude)
Dont be lazy, be CRAZY! (Hiram)
loco loco games!!! (Jonathan)
Why are you laughing? Have you got hiram in there? I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO SHARE!!! (Carolyn)
Rule number 3.... no pee pee in the pool... NO making it warmer okay? (Jonathan)
Ahhh from san-fran-SISCO (Hiram)
Two towels? One for me and one for you? (Towel Dude)
Mexican water... tequila! (Hiram)
What happens in Mexico STAYS in Mexico right?
This is called the coochie coochie (Jonathan)
Come on... would I lie to YOU? (Hirman)
Its C-K-alyn-aline (Hiram)
I do a little shout out to my Canadian frieeeeends... im mad at yooooou! (Jonathan during dance lessons)
Middle DONT work, middle NO WORK! (Carlos)
Who let him be DJ? (Hiram)
Im an INDIAN! (Hiram)
I think he just snubbed us! JONATHAN! Okay we sweet talk him tomorrow (Carolyn)
Got a hangover? (Hiram)
That stuff is HOT! Yaaa like us Mexican boys!! YEAH but im a WHITE girl!(Hiram and I)
Who better... batman or spiderman... okay... superman or batman... yeeeah superman SUUUUCKS
OOO Tom Cruise is gonna be JEEAAALOUS!!! (Jonathan)
BINGO!!!! (Carlos)
Relax... and wiggle the toes... (Hiram giving karolina and i foot massages)
Come what maaaaay
Its time for de streetching (Hiram)
Hes got an argentinian fan club! (Karolina)
Do you want to be my... 157? (Karolina talking about Hirams love life)
Ohhh someone found a mexican boyfriend! (Hiram)
I am... what you call... punished? (Jonathan)
You dont drink? Nooo you lie! (Jonathan)
Yes jessica alba and britney spears get veeery jealous of eachother (Jonathan)
Ugh, shes like a gesel! (Karolina)
Joooohnny... Joooonathaaan (Carolyn & Karolina)
Be good (Jonathan)
He also says he fought in the persian war... hes not a dj... hes a... (Hiram & Jonathan)
Your from Canada? Candian girls are pretty! (some random dude)
... J-fest 2006 (Carolyn)
Lets play the "sliding" game... how far can you slide? (Carolyn)
What do you have to say to our beautiful judges? (Hiram)
Oh SHES the boss (Hiram)
I kiss you on de cheek.... (Jonathan) well I kiss you all the way up the arm and THEN on de cheek (Hiram)
Upsidedown you go! What? You dont want to go for a swim? (Hiram flipping my chair towards the pool)
Hello... is it ME your looking for? (Carolyn)
HELP HELP THE JACUZZI IS BROKEN!!!! (Carolyn & Karolina)
I want to love you... and you... and you (Karolina talking about Hiram)
Whiskey is a WHITEMANS drink (Hiram)
Pappazito!!! (Carlos)

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16th March 2009

spring break
Dude! I'm sooo going there on spring break! it'll be just like this!

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