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January 20th 2014
Published: January 20th 2014
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"I'd rather stay here and work rather than going to the beach'" said no one ever.

Well the limes are safe, no one was bugging us last night in the pool and I didn't have to get up and fire them at anyone. My gosh, we slept like babies or big babies! Mom even slept in till 8:30 & I went in to check on her & give her toe a wiggle! The beds and duvets are so comfortable here and they aren't chintzy with giving you the good stuff. Having comfortable beds can make or break a vacation.

So it was a glorious morning here sitting out on the balcony. We made breakfast, lounged, read up on the rooftop terrace enjoying splendid views as the beach flourished & the fishing and tour boats started to take off for greener pastures.

Al's cenote dive with Dave was spectacular. It was just the two of them, so he got all the instruction and attention.

When he got back he almost didn't know where to start on how amazing it was. These cenotes are hidden worlds, brilliant turquoise shafts of light plunge more than 100 feet straight down. Unlimited visibility, a hydrogen sulfide cloud, anthropological remains, and stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and size, and light zones that will dazzle your eyes. Just some of the reasons to scuba dive in in a fresh water sinkhole which is unlike any other experience & found only in this region. People have called this the best dive of their lives & in Al's case this was true.

You have to go with a very experienced diver to do this as you can get very disoriented and lost given you aren't doing this out in the open like an ocean dive. Dive lights are required to see where you are going at times. All in all Al was a happy diver.

While Al was gone we did some shopping & stocking up on sundries (and limes 😉 and just from being out walking I felt I'd gotten too much sun. So after Al returned we took a walk down the beach and the Seahawks were playing the 49rs so the TVs blaring from the beach bars. Sunday is BBQ day on the beach and the smell of charcoal was in the air. What is it about charcoal that whets your appetite but stirs a memory and a strong feeling in you? Just the smell gets your old tummy growling.

But before we ate we got to see 2 amazing pelicans just standing on the beach letting tourists take pictures of them. What interesting birds they are! Simply put, pelicans are creatures that seem prehistoric yet stuck in a modern world; standing on a tropical beach showing off! Evidence suggests pelicans date back at least 30 millions years... Wow they are looking good after all those years. One good place to spot them is up by the pier next 14th street at the beach. When we saw the larger one fly off the wing span is tremendous...

OK back to the beach BBQ! Zenzis had ribs, chicken drumsticks, hamburgers, steak on their big BBQ along with a pasta salad bar with lots of choices of side dishes. But we kept walking and came to the Indigo Club which too had a BBQ set up but this was amazing. On ice in a glass enclosed bar was fresh ceviche of every type, fish, shrimp, and fresh oysters as well. You could order a mixed seafood and steak grill, or chicken brochettes with fresh salad and homemade coleslaw and even tandoori chicken with homemade naan bread. We ordered the brochettes & chicken tandoori and I have to say it was amazing. We ate, drank, enjoyed amazing views and wonderful BBQ smells.

Last night we did a nice walk along 5th hustling and bustling as it normally is on a warm night. We had a drink at the upscale very trendy gorgeous Casa de Aqua. WOW. Amazing but very very pricey. See the pics of this spot.

So we wanted live music again so back to Los Rancheros for dessert since we had a big meal earlier. And they took great care of We had flambeed caramel crepes with Kahlua that was just out of this world. It takes quite a bit of work to set up the work station, then light the flambee, heat the pan then add the butter, the sugar and mix and mix then add the cream to make the caramel and then topped off with Kahlua and hand made crepes. Add in real handmade vanilla ice cream on the side along with a big dose of love from the staff & you are almost keeling over with delight. And I am not a dessert person & wow. It was truly amazing, music was fantastic, and we so enjoyed our outing with the fab staff.

PS Note: I had written this blog late last night, and early this morning & was ready to send it till we good word of a development that shook us to our core. While we were out today, and Al had come back to the condo, the phone was ringing from Martha that Dad had suffered a heart attack this morning. Thank god for my cousin Audrey who was with my dad and he recognized he was sick and had heart/back pain. Before long she had him to the hospital and within hours he had a stent put in. (THANK YOU AUDREY; I am stumped for words which rarely happens but we owe you a ton of gratitude.)

Our other cousin Rita who works at the hospital went with Dad via ambulance to ensure he was well taken care of & she got the ball rolling for his care. And how blessed are we; another cousin Colleen was there as well ensuring Dad had the best of care. God bless you all.

It's hard to put into words how we are feeling being so far away, but the words that come to mind is grateful, helpless but so thanksful to the ones there that took care of him. Thank you SO much. Mom was so reassured when we got the news they were there for Dad. Only Dad would be joking within hours of going through all of this.

We were set to be home in days and were going to make arrangements to go home asap but were told by family to stay put. It's a headache to try and re-book flights asap, and given we are feeling so shaky about it all it gives us a chance to get our things in order. I didn't want mom to be under extra pressure given she's on medication for health issues. Mom did get to talk to Dad and she was assured he was OK and given we are a big family & community, Dad will be in excellent hands till we can plant a big wet one on his face.

As I said earlier, you can make all the plans you want, but life has its own plan & right now I say to life, "go stick it where the sun don't shine".

I feel extremely grateful Dad is OK. It's terrible to get upsetting news anytime but to be so far away...Thanks to Cindy; we owe you big time. You've been keeping Dad company while we were gone, and it's given us piece of mind. And then given today & all you've done since this all happened. Gracias gracias gracias 😊 And thanks to Dan and the rest of the family for being there for him. I am not sure I'm expressing myself properly given the situation.

We love you Dad, with all our hearts, now we need to go home to give you HELL for always working so hard all the time.

I need a good shot of Tequila right about now...any of you pouring one?


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21st January 2014

Hola Sally, OMG!!!! So sorry to hear the news about your Dad. I know he is in good hands as you mentioned in your email but I know the feeling of helplessness and wanting to be with him now and you are so far away. I was really looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow but given your circumstances I understand and perhaps we will be able to do it another time. Let me know and I am just so thankful he will be alright and is in safe hands until you arrive back home. Take care, Debbie
21st January 2014

Thanks Debbie, we are fortunate to have fantastic family members in the medical field who jumped right in. I'll be in touch Debbie for sure today!
21st January 2014

-36 degrees
Wishing I was in Mexico with you today. Darn it's cold. Thanks for the phone call, we are off to Toronto in a few minutes. Give your Mom a hug from me. Enjoy your last few days. Sending lots of love. xo
21st January 2014

Hi Sally, if there is a chance you still want to get together today or tomorrow, call my cell 984 166 4399 I might not get your email message before I go out this morning to run a few errands. Talk to you soon. Debbie
21st January 2014

Hi Sally, just me again, if it's not possible we get together later maybe you could give me some info on condos for rent for next winter. I have two other couples and ourselves that are interested in Dec./Jan/Feb rental. Can you help? Thanks, Debbie
24th January 2014
Love ya marg!

Life can be tough without Marg!
Awesome times..awesome photos and GREAT looking Marg! lol ;-)

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