Mexico here we come for summer vacation!

Published: June 25th 2012
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Hola all, summer time's here and the living is easy! Well it will be easy in a little over 48 hours when we hit the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. Yep, we're heading back to Playa del Carmen (Mexico) & visions of cocktail umbrellas are dancing in my head 😉 I've been writing a journal of some of our trips now and they are on this site (you can look at them by date and pressing "next entry" to see them in order. Hopefully you'll come along with us on our adventures!

YES we are going back Mexico for 15 days. "Why in heaven's sake would anyone visit Mexico in the summer"? (Yes I just heard you ask yourself that out loud, raising the eyebrows of co-workers around you 😊 Well here goes...

Every summer we've rented a cottage & more often than not, I come home looking & feeling like I been in the ring with Mike Tyson. And more often than not I can be heard telling Al, "That's it, no more cottage vacations". Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a cottage & can't wait to get to a cottage. HOWEVER it is SO much work to get a family (and friends) ready for two weeks away. Basically you drag your home to another home. Add in kids "stuff", endless suitcases, bedding/towels, DVDs/CD's, air mattresses, beach toys, water jugs, bags & bags of groceries, board games, electronics and before you know it, half your house is packed at the front door (including the proverbial kitchen sink 😉. And if we're leaving on a Friday I tend to be the one packing the van all by myself...(Mother/wife also known as pack mule.) Our van looks like something out of the Beverly Hillbillies with its back end dragging on the bottom of the driveway when we finally drive off on our "dream vacation" (HA!) (Good lord I'm tired just talking about it)

Last year's summer vacation (YES I know I've told this story a few times and NO I'm not showing signs of early dementia). I tell it because it was THE vacation from hell. A week of shopping, packing & unpacking in 42C heat, to finally hit the deck for a cold drink to hear yelps that there were "leeches in the lake" & a rotting dock that broke off when you tried to get in and out of the lake. Add in a tornado that took out our power for over 3 days leaving us with no toilet, no shower, no stove, no fridge, no fans to help with the heat and it was a feat of endurance to even make a measly cup of coffee on a small Hibachi. And the cherry on top? Add in deer flies the size of small birds, a new puppy that was digging up every piece of lawn that he could find & understandably frayed nerves & blowups amongst the cottage goers. Now you've got yourself a rip-roaring good vacation (NOT). Talk about a serious case of "Murphy's Law"- ie If anything can go wrong it will. (If I ever find that "Murphy" lad he's going to get my wrath). So do you get the picture yet of why we're heading to Mexico???

Playa del Carmen...ahhhh, a tropical welcoming relaxing soothing paradise. And to add to the attraction, Tonya, the owner of Playa Condos & Villas generously offered me the use of her luxury oceanfront 3 bedroom condo for 15 days so you can bet your bottom dollar that we jumped on that offer! We managed to get seat sales so we reckon this is a great summer vacation at a reasonable price...(I think I even heard the van sigh that it won't be moving the house this summer!)

Guaranteed hot sunny weather, crystal blue sea, lagoons, swimming pool, day tours, snorkeling, luxury condo, infinity pool, maid service, no cooking and cleaning and I'm darn near ready to do a jig!

SO with JUST our suitcases packed, we're almost set to go. Goodbye kitchen sink...hello Playa!

“Too much work, and no vacation,
Deserves at least a small libation.
So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses;
Work's the curse of the drinking classes.” Oscar Wilde

Please feel free to leave us a message at the bottom of each blog! I'll check in once we're there. (if you don't receive a new blog from me be sure to check your spam; it sometimes goes there)

Here's the link to our condo: arrow down to see enlarged pics if you want!

Sal and her amigos


25th June 2012

Loved it Sally. Made me smile while having my coffee this morning. Good start to the day! Reminded me of renting a cottage for a month. Three weeks into the the month, after countless trips to town...I was finally set up properly! Enjoy your trip to paradise and keep us updated. Anne
25th June 2012

Mexico summer vacation
Ain't it just the truth Anne?! I'd love to go to a cottage just by myself; one bathing suit and that's it!! For sure I'll be posting some blogs and will say hello to Playa for you!
25th June 2012

Well deserve Holiday to you and your family!
Wow this can be called the make - up Holiday. Wow...I can't believe you went through so much at the cottage last year. YES, I agree. Give me the ocean anytime over leechy lake water! I love the quotes you share in your blogs. This one of Oscar Wilde was made for me....and since I can't take a holiday, not even at a leechy lake, I hope you enjoy this one a little extra for us. :D You are one great family deserving a true break. Nice that you have a teen girl with you also. That will be fun for your girls. xo Love you and appreciate you bunches.
25th June 2012

Mexico summer vacation
Hey Zully! HA, NO more leechy lakes! I will raise a glass to you on holidays; and will see you to celebrate our birthdays when we get back...want more sand or are you done with Playa??? xo

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