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February 20th 2012
Published: February 20th 2012
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Hello everyone... missed me??? (heh heh) NOT!

Our first full week back had its challenges to say the least. However, "one" can't complain can "one' when "one" gets almost 3 weeks away in paradise.

I had intended to send a last blog which I still have yet to send but I have been sick with a bad cold. Normally I scare those "things" off but this one gave me a really good shake this time.

In the meantime, a little update.

During our stay at Luna Encantada, Tonya (Playa Beach Condos) asked if we could take photos of the condo we were staying in, as the pictures she has of the condo doesn't do it justice. So Al took out his super-duper camera and spent a lot of time staging these great shots of the condo (with help from his dad!). This past weekend he spent a lot of time working on the photos to bring out the best in them and I gotta say, I was very impressed. He brightened the pics, corrected them, straightened them, and cleaned them up.)

We sent them to Tonya and she too was very impressed with Al's work and posted the new pics on her website and others. (Maybe Al has a new career in the works; he may end up becoming a tropical photographer! JUST condos Al NO swimsuit model shoots for you mister!).

If you are interested in seeing his photos click on the link below in blue which brings you to VRBO website. Arrow down to the very bottom where you can see the enlarged photos!

So here we are, me writing travel blogs on Playa del Carmen & Al doing photography! HOUSE FOR SALE, 23 RASTILA 😊

Sal - wife of the "real" talent in the family


20th February 2012

E3 Luna Encantada pictures
I concur, definately very good pictures.
20th February 2012

Real Talent in the Family!
Yes they look very good. Having been there we can see how beautiful it is, but for others it's a nice way to show it off!
21st February 2012

Can't wait to see the 'real talent of the house' Photography work. You guys are solid. Great talent.xo
21st February 2012

Talent in the family
Hey Zully, click on this link: and arrow down to the bottom where you will see his pictures in a large format!! You may have to paste in this link!

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