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June 30th 2014
Published: June 30th 2014
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Don't know the reason, Stayed here all season, Nothing to show but this brand new tattoo . But it's a real beauty, A Mexican cutie, How it got here, I haven't a clue. Wastin' away again in Margaritaville, Searchin' for my long lost shaker of salt , Some people claim that there's a woman to blame , But I know it's nobody's fault.

Is there anyone on the face of the earth that hasn't heard "Margaritaville"? I can't say we're nibbling on spongecake, pretty sure I don't have a brand new tattoo, and as far as I can remember, I don't have a Mexican cutie...(and if I did have a Mexican cutie, I ain't telling anyone!) What happens on the island stays on the island. (wink wink hahahaha) OK, enough of that foolishness.

I have to say, I haven't had this much fun since aunt Mary fell in the pig pen. OK, well I didn't have an aunt Mary that fell in the pig pen, but IF I did, and she fell in the pig pen, well that would be a lot of fun like this!

We've only been gone since Friday but it's been an adventure together since then. I think it's safe to say we'd like to make this a tradition if the stars and moon align! I think the kids with the help of auntie Martha are doing their own thing and not being in school means their schedule is so relaxed. So which one of you kids is sitting in mama bear's chair?! (that's for those of you that know I love my chair!) We've been talking to the girls & they are so excited to join us later on! Ray and Pat, we've been warming up the place for you!!

Yesterday after breakfast we went on a hike to see Punta Sur (the south end where we are) by foot. We are on the Caribbean side of the island where you are up on cliffs, where the ocean has higher waves and you can feel the wind more. So we set off to find the trail down to the ocean, and it is totally amazing hiking the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean side. Al was busy taking pics, I was walking ahead which is an ascent to get to the top, so I was up higher than him, and I was thinking to myself, don't get too close to the edge, lose your footing and the jig's up and I'll be tossed out to sea! Al was paying no attention to me as when it comes to his photos...well as I said, I could be floating past him on a current 😊

It was HOT. How hot was it you ask? It was so hot the trees were whistling for the dogs (badda bing, badda boom). I swear to god I witnessed it myself.

By the time we had gotten to the top of Punta Sur where there's an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Moon Goddess I was baked & turning my usual color of RED. It was over 42C at 9 am. Luckily I had enjoyed yogurt and some grapefruit & almonds & water before going on the trek. I love the heat, I just prefer doing it in small batches, and not enduring heat stroke. I don't think it's a nice picture to be at the ancient ruins splayed out on the ground & sweating profusely when tourists go by. When mom & dad made me, they forgot to add the air conditioning system in me! Anyhow, I was well covered with sunblock though; Al went to hug me and I squeezed right out of his arms & popped straight up into the air! Ladies I tell ya, in this heat it is really hard to look fresh and lovely. Best way to go is ball cap and sunglasses; hides a myriad of sins.

Being 25 metres up, walking along the ocean, enjoying the naturally carved cliffs, the sculptures and the manicured gardens overlooking the bay was so enjoyable. The large iguanas that were sunning themselves on the cliffs were magnificent. Proud, not moving unless feeling threatened, so I stayed my distance but crept up close enough to take some pics. Some are huge, and some are much smaller, but they are really cool to look at and have such history on the island. The island's mascots!

At a cliff jutting over the bay, where you can clearly see Cancun, there sits a beautiful seafood restaurant, where you can see the sightseeing boat tours go by. It's a very lovely place, and we decided after the walk back home, we'd cool down, take a swim, a shower, and go back to the restaurant called Acantilado to have an appetizer and a drink. Then we decided we'd tour the south end of the island, and stop at all the little beach cafes and try something on the menu. That was a real treat, cruising along, waving at all the other tourists, then seeing the signs for a beach club, then turning down the road to only discover one more gem after the other.

Right next to Punta Sur is Garrafon National Reef Park; you can go ziplining, kayak, swim with dolphins, and enjoy aquatic activities. It's quite beautiful and everywhere you look there's activities with the sparkling azure ocean always taking the grand stage.

Once you round the bend on the island, you are now on the bay side of the island where it's calm, shallow sparkling waters with beautiful hues of turquoise and blue that looks like a painting and your eyes widen in disbelief that water can actually look this way all by the grace of mother nature (oh mothers you are all magical and majestic). Along this side of the island you will find many beautiful beach clubs each unique and fun. There are SO many to conquer!!! We need some of you come help do the heavy lifting!! (i.e. big tropical drinks!)

Maria's Kan Kin Restaurant is down a steep little hill & the next thing you know you are in this beautiful garden setting, with a large palapa for beach dining. They were playing some Bob Marley, and boy, Al and I were in the groove then! They offered us 2for1 margaritas, & Angela the bartender put a beating on the fresh limes (they way we like our margs, mucho limon), then she shook them up like like nobody's business! They were amazing; the best we've had on the island so far and 2 for $5.50 CDN! Next we ordered an appetizer of "maize tosdados y aguacate y pollo" (corn chips topped with diced avocado and grilled chicken with red onion & tomato in a refreshing basil olive oil sauce. Yabba dabba doo! The waiter trimmed the fresh basil from the garden right in front of us. OMG, this appetizer was a party in our mouth and we will be sure to have this again. The prices are so reasonable compared to some very high end trendy beach clubs that sadly cannot deliver those kinds of flavors. We himmed and hawwed if we should stay for more food but decided to move on to see more things. We will be back! This is a family owned restaurant, and Sebastien & Maria had their day off so going to say hello to her Monday.

Off we went again, touring along, passing beautiful villas, little souvenir stands, and a fun looking reggae bar, "Don't worry be happy"! The breeze caressing our warm faces, and nothing but a grin on those faces. Next up; Capitan Deluche's beach club. So we drive in and holy schmoly, what a spot! It's all ocean front, loungers, upscale dining areas and the bar is a pirate ship! Talk about pirates of the Caribbean. It was happy hour (which made us happy) so we enjoyed a drink and took in more amazing views. It's like a feast for the eyes. I would love to take you Maureen, Linda & Sue when you come in July. Let's tour around (Linda you're the DD as always!) There are catamaran tours and yachts that dock close by, so this beachclub is big to handle all the rowdy tourists (Al and I kept it down to a roar). Al hit happy hour again, so 2 cerveza for 30 pesos $2CDN. Good prices. I had a lovely glass of sauvignon and it was time to chill and take it all in.

After that, we hopped on the love cart and off we went to another spot called Tikinkix. Much more a Mexican beach club, and they had a lovely beach club, with lots of hammocks under the shade. I told Al if he kept up happy hour I might have to dump him into a hammock and continue on my journey. 😊 It was a lovely beach club too, and we enjoyed a grilled chicken skewer with rice, grilled veggies and tortillas. They have a separate building that houses a BBQ/charcoal open grill that was amazing where they grill the fish slowly with chili pepper, tomato and onion and it's apparently the food is to die for. They graciously allowed Al to take pics. Next time we'll try the fish. Finally we left there, stopped for a few items at the grocery store and cruised along the ocean home. What a banner day.

When we got back home, there was a sweet little hermit crab on our doorstep. As soon as we walked, he went into his shell. And then slowly, he came back out & went on his way. (see pictures below). I love how nature (palm trees & tropical flowers, beautiful birds, iguanas and other wildlife come together so harmoniously here). It's such a pleasure to witness each day.

We enjoyed an early evening of dips in the pool, and I made us a cheese & deli meat platter with fresh bread, pickled jalapeno peppers (that Al found at a deli) and smokehouse almonds. It was a lovely night to sit out and watch the ocean and world go by...Ahhhh...We finished our night watching some tennis, and after our big adventure we were pretty wiped from the sun and the drinks and getting up that early to see the sunrise!

The weather has been absolutely perfect, hot, sultry, humid, and with those soft tropical breezes that cool you off so you can keep on trucking. I am in a pretty relaxed zen mode; unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I know when I go home and read my blogs or look at the pictures I will be whisked back in my mind to remember it all. I can't thank the owner Susan enough for sharing her beautiful casa with us; she even called and we had a very friendly chat the other day. Lovely lovely lady and we will be coming back here without a doubt.


Well up again at 6 am to see another beautiful sunrise. The pool cleaner was outside, quietly cleaning while we headed up to the roof so morning greetings were made and a tip was left for him. Later a lovely lady came to water all the plants and the garden at our house. Tipped her too! Such wonderful people tending to us.

Today we are going to explore the north end and do some snorkeling. Man, this is such hard work, having to figure out what we'll do each day (OK OK I am shutting up now; good I'm not close or you guys would be after me with the flyswatter!)

Happy almost Canada Day & happy early birthday to our wonderful dad! (PS there may be 2 pages of photos (33 of them) all the way to the bottom. As I said, click on them and you can go to the next one).

Gotta run, Al's starting the old golf cart...Hey Al..wait for me...AL?????!!!!

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder". ~

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30th June 2014
On the road again

"On the road again" photo is so nice. Should be labelled "Love birds in Paradise" ;-)
Nice blogs Sally. I feel like we are travelling along with you. You said in your reply that you got my first comment to one of your first blogs (1 or 2), In it I mentioned that Diego had graduated, etc also... The system was working funny that day, but after a second try, it did say that it was sent. I do not see it anywhere...i wonder what happened to it... Anyway Love the one blog on parenting: I could feel the 'I miss you too kids' in between the lines. It will be fun when you gather all together again. happy sun, happy heat, happy Margaritas..happy Fifa ( I was sad for Mexico losing. Allegedly, Diego tells me that they have been disqualified 20 years in a row). I will check those stats, not that it matters, as Mexico played like champions. I wonder how it was IN Mexico when FIFA 2014 game of Mexico vs the Netherlands, was on yesterday???...You are so blessed to be there now. Enjoy it. Besos y abrazos mis amigos.
30th June 2014
On the road again

On the road again
Hey Zully please tell Diego congrats on his grad and congrats to you as a wonderful mom! We aren't ito the soccer but the crowds are...It's always so nice to get your notes...Love ya xoxox
30th June 2014
On the road again

On the road again
Hey Zully please tell Diego congrats on his grad and congrats to you as a wonderful mom! We aren't ito the soccer but the crowds are...It's always so nice to get your notes...Love ya xoxox
30th June 2014

Happy Travelling. Nice photos of your adventures and food
Hi Sal...I did find the response I sent to you.:-) Hidden in some earlier response that my computer did not alert me to. Thanks for Diego's Congrats..I shall pass your kind words..I was curious as to where that blog answer went.That is all. I originally thought there was an editor to responses sent to you, LOL. I thought 'they' did not like my 'ignoring the ads above your blogs ' to get to your actual blog! LOL.. I ought to be more patient with the Net. None ended in spasm. I was thinking "What did I press that it disappeared...? That is all...Thank God for this response as I got to see 'the better Beach vacation" photos. So nice of you two to have this chance to enjoy life in such beautiful beaches!!! You look as beautiful and young as when I first met you...It most be 1) genes, 2) love 3) Mexican sun and surf... Love and smiles to you two . Miss you. I forget how long your trip there is this year. You mentioned it, but I can remember which blog it was. Love to Lara, Rory and Ava.... and Martha of course. xoxo
30th June 2014

Sounds like heaven!
Hey, it sounds like you guys are having a blast down there and making the most of your time. Everything sounds just perfect -- I'm so envious! Keep on having fun and letting us know about your experiences. love, Cindy
30th June 2014

Cin, it is just what the doctor order....we are getting our "prescription filled" on sun and fun. Every day is a new adventure...How are you??? I'll send you an email. Love to dad on Canada Day and his big day/birthday!!

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