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July 1st 2014
Published: July 1st 2014
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"The tans will fade but the memories will last forever." ~

Hi y'all! How are you on doing on this wonderful Canada Day and Happy Birthday to my wonderful father!!

I didn't bring my usual assortment of flashing Canada Day hats, glasses, etc., but I do have my Canada Day T-shirt!

Before I forget, Happy Canada day to our wonderful friend Keith who is on a very spiritual and life-changing journey, which is walking the El Camino in Spain, (pilgrimage walk) a journey of over 700 kms, on foot over mountains, plains, country roads, dangerous terrain etc. It's so challenging from his blogs; the extreme heat, the toll it takes on your feet and your mind, staying in hostels, in small rooms with strangers that snore...OMG, I'd have committed a crime the first or second day...: Anyhow, he's there at least 6-8 weeks (if I'm right Keith) and away from family and friends. But Keith has an amazing ability to meet people, and his dry wit, and his kindness and consideration makes him friends quickly, and no doubt he's charming the Spanish people who have been so good to him. (LOVE his blogs)...Be safe Keith, and keep on trucking! And Danielle (Keith's wife) hope you are enjoying a little girl time which you deserve too!

Moving on, with no time schedule, and no restrictions, it's like hog heaven around here. (I often wonder where those sayings come from, and apparently it means "a filthy pig sty with plenty of fresh slop on which to feed. Thus the pigs would be just about as happy as they could be". Well trust me, there's no filthy pig sty nor any slop, but otherwise, we are "as happy as we can be"! Except Al "HOGS" the blankets (get it...hog...oh never mind).

Eating, drinking, relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, golf carting, laughing, and enjoying life, that's what sums up this trip. Given we are enjoying ourselves, we have also been determined to get up for a daily walk and some exercise so as to not become complete slouchers. It's kinda nice to break a sweat first thing in the morning and then relax all day 😊 So you know that I am not living the good life completely, I did have to do some business work for a few hours yesterday. It was by the pool though, and I did have some Latin music on, and a nice cup of coffee with ocean views, so does that count? 😊

Well we are over 4 days in, and still married!!! The only thing we ever get in any sort of tiff over, is time management. If we agree on 10 to leave, I'm ready around 9:45 if not earlier. Al, well he thinks when we agree on 10, it can be 10, 10:02, 10:05, 10:10...etc. When mom & dad made me and left out my air conditioning system, (therefore the really red/hot face in the heat), they put in an extra alarm clock in my brain I believe. Now I should make it clear, Al makes it on time to work and important events, and he was on time for our wedding but the photographer was late (this gal just cannot catch a break even on her wedding day 😞

Al loves nothing better to sleep in; I do too, but I'd rather not rush to jump out of bed but read or listen to music. I think Al clicked his heels with joy when he saw no alarm clock at this house. I think in fact he may have a phobia about them 😊 Oh I am in trouble now...but since I'm up early and he's sleeping, HA, he can't catch me, he'd have to get up early to do that.

In paradise (here) I've been waking early because of the sunrises, but also because it is so calm and beautiful in the morning and that's when I think the island is most alive. The birds are like little bands, so melodious and it's pleasant morning music. And somewhere close by, is a rooster, and you have to be outside to hear it, and it just brings a smile to my face. And also, it's not too hot, so sitting out on the lounger seeing the ocean so calm is sublime. And a dip first thing in the pool is about as refreshing at it gets.

Yesterday was another great day...after our light breakfast, we headed out around 10 ish 😊 (because "you-know-who" had to go back into the house and get something leaving me waiting again in the bleeding heat. NO AL I was not talking about you, I'm talking about the other husband I have (wonder if he'll fall for that???).

So we went cruising down to Playa Norte (north) and parked our cart and walked around the many small streets seeing all the shops and restaurants. It was so relaxing and fun, and we finally ended up at the beaches. I have to say, WOW. I wouldn't want to be staying at a resort on that end because it was busy enough, but where we parked to enter the beach was all that white soft powdery sand, and the water was so beautiful, and the views of Cancun amazing!

We we walked along the ocean with its soft sand cooling & caressing our feet and we had a drink at Zazil Beach Club. After we checked in on home via email, off we went to tour around some more. The beach clubs were hopping, music filled the air, people out on paddle boards, people out on yachts, boats, swimming, snorkeling...Let's just say, I didn't pass anyone who didn't have a smile on their face. (maybe except for the beach servers standing around in the heat!)

We finally decided to have a drink at another spot, luxury day beds and sitting areas in the shade are everywhere, and it was so nice to sit and enjoy the new view. After hours in the heat, we thought let's take a drive back to Maria's KinKan and have lunch there. Stephanie who works with Susan's realty company, is a diver, who worked for diving companies on the island. She's not diving these days as she's 5 months pregnant, but she gave Al some very good advice as to who to dive with and where to dive. It was very helpful, so on our way out of town he stopped at the shop to book his trip tomorrow (Tues).

I of course was left in the cart watching our backpacks, and using what little water we had left to soak my ballcap because it was hot. I know, hard to believe Mexico is hot (insert sarcasm) but it was beyond hot. It was SO hot the chickens were laying boiled eggs (it's the truth, I had one)...OK enough with the "how hot is it jokes" (I just can't help it!)

The sun had its hairy eyeball directed at me, and I was hiding from her. Don't forget we'd been out for hours, and it was high noon and even though you get the breeze and we sat in the shade, we were walking a lot in the sun. I need an umbrella hat.

Finally we got to Maria's Kinkan and the place was almost empty. The staff recognized us, and before we knew it Angela had made us one of those scooby-doo margaritas. In front is the bay, beautiful beautiful bay, and so we went in and got cooled off. The water is amazing, so blue, so clear with soft sand under your feet. From there, well it was a fun day. We had those corn tostados again topped with avocado, chicken, onions and tomato with that delicate basil/olive oil sauce. Then we ordered their house salad, fresh lettuce, onions, carrot, avocado, fresh tomatoes & herbs in a tangy mustard dressing and the piece de resistance was the crispy fried Parmesan cheese. Dear crispy fried Parmesan cheese, I LOVE you, let's run off & get married. All the little touches in their food is a tribute to the young couple who bought the place not all that long ago. Maria's was a restaurant that existed for decades but was struggling, so when Sebastian and Maria vacationed from Argentina at the attached hotel, they fell in love with the place, and bought it. Sebastian is the chef, and Maria runs the restaurant with their wonderful staff. So far they are doing well, and in high season they are always busy, always working and always exhausted but they love what they do. So I think they take one day off which is Domingo (Sunday) I don't know if this really happened, but he said are you Sally? I guess Luis had told him we were in yesterday. So he says, someone had read your blog and came to the restaurant to check it out. Hmm? Well OK but not sure it was me...? He said a film crew for a TV show had just been there, so I can't wait until their episode airs. All in all they take pride in their food, and they have wonderful wine in beautiful wine glasses which adds to it all. Please go to this restaurant and support this wonderful couple and their welcoming staff.

Anyhow, we spent time chatting with the owner Sebastian which was really enjoyable. Later, Al went snorkeling out front, and he saw puffer fish, tropical fish and best of all, no fees to snorkel! And we can go there to eat, and enjoy the loungers, the views, the beautiful water with great company.

We met up with Jackie again who is leaving today but was visiting from New York with her husband who is a travel photographer who has worked in tough places like Afghanistan ensconced with military operatives which is very dangerous. We so enjoyed her company so much, chit- chatting about this and that. (She reminded me so much in looks and personality of you Shauna!) which means she is very beautiful and witty. We chatted about everything, and we talked about Playa, and I gave her some info on that. We never got to meet her husband as he'd gotten up early to do the whale shark swim (like Al has done) and he was pretty exhausted. Anyhow, we exchanged emails and will keep in touch.

Then when I was just sipping a drink, checking my email (yes they offer free Wifi too), a young lady comes up to me asking how far the lookout/Punta Sur park was. So we got chatting, and she & her girlfriend had just arrived from Seattle for a week (they too could not believe how wonderful the place is they are staying at with the beautiful bay for snorkeling right at their finger tips and their flippers. So we got a group picture with Jackie and Kris and Lanh who is originally from Vietnam, and we told them we go by the lookout, so we offered them a drive. It was so much fun. We ended out hanging out with them for a bit, and they joined us for a drink back out our pool, and we had lots of laughs, sharing stories about life, and loss (Kris lost both her parents to cancer not all that long ago). They are just a super couple. We plan to meet up with them back at Maria's for lunch and snorkeling today. I think the best part about traveling (well there's a long list of what's great about travel) but for me, meeting people, finding out why they picked Isla Mujeres or Playa or whatever, and getting an inside look at their lives, cultures, backgrounds is at the top of my list about travel. So after the drink with them, Al realized he'd forgotten his mask at Maria's so it was handy to drive the ladies back to their accommodations.

Back at the ranch, Al & I ended up floating in the pool listening to some tunes, and went up on the roof to the dipping pool which just makes you feel like you are that much closer to the stars. I cannot say if I have ever seen stars like that before. It was surreal in the sense it looked like a science and technology museum; the sky was so black, and the stars so bright...ahhhhhhhh another moment to capture. It felt like we could reach out and touch the stars. Then we saw heat lighting, unlike anything we have ever seen before. It's extra cool seeing it reflect off the ocean.

Wow...lots of first times for this twosome. (Susan, if you are reading my blog, which she had asked the link to, can we stay forever???) Al can be the pool guy, and I can water the plants and flowers 😊

So again Happy Canada Day and happy birthday to a wonderful Dad. Wish I could be there to wish you happy birthday in person, but Martha will take our gals up for a visit to mom & dad's. (PS 34 pics at the bottom of the page...way down, no, go further, way way down! Lots of pics of the beautiful beaches of the north part of the island, and pics of our new friends Jackie, Kris and Lanh.

Irish Blessing for Dad.

"When I count my blessings, I count you twice". ~

Love and hugs from the island!

Sal and her silent partner!


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1st July 2014
Miles of beach

HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!!!!! ;-)
LOVE this photo of the sand...wowwwwwwwwwww........ Dip deep your cute toes in the sand for me , would you? Thanks my friend, if we ever get together. That will be my fortune ! When are your girls , Martha, everyone, joining you there.? xoxo love and peace..smiles. Happy Canada Day !!! ;-)
1st July 2014
Miles of beach

Happy Canada Day!
Same to you Zully! Marth/girls are joining us on Thursday noonish. We'll meet them at the airport! Enjoying every minute before we have to leave our little beautiful paradise! xo PS we will get together in August!
1st July 2014
So beautiful

PS. I love this photo
You are good you. ;-) August it is. Have 2 more great days of just the two of you. How precious that is! ...Going off on a Canada Day Picnic plus nice drinks... wink wink Yeay CANADA. Love the RED in those flowers! I go.

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