Mirador, Aqueduct, & Panteon of Illustrious Queretanos

Published: January 21st 2015
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Calle IndependenciaCalle IndependenciaCalle Independencia

the street that leads to the mirador/panteon area. This is San Santiago (St James), the patron saint of the city. Mirador = scenic overlook.
This album features photos taken from the mirador (scenic viewpoint) overlooking Queretaro's wonderful aqueduct. Also located here is the large Panteon (cemetery) of Illustrious Queretanos.

The aqueduct, one of the largest in Mexico, is the symbol of the city of Queretaro. The 1298 m long structure has 74 stone arches with an average height of 28.5 m. It was built between 1726 & 1735 at the request of the Capuchin nuns to bring drinking water to the city from the springs of La Cañada hills.

The Pantheon of Illustrious Queretanos was formally created on Feb 5 1988 & is currently managed by the Municipality of Querétaro although management by the state is being considered. Since the aim of the pantheon is pay tribute to the memory of distinguished men & women of the city & state, it is not available for other burials. The list of distinguished includes heroes of independence, architects, engineers, politicians and artists.

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Santiago (St James)Santiago (St James)
Santiago (St James)

The city of Santiago de Querétaro was established in July 25, 1531. It is said that on that day, during a battle between the Spanish conquistadores & the Chichimeca natives of the area, an image of Saint James (one of the 12 Apostles & the patron saint of Spain) appeared carrying a pink cross & riding a white horse. This apparently frightened the natives & they surrendered. Hence the city is called Santiago (Saint James) de Querétaro, with James as its patron saint.
Baja la velocidadBaja la velocidad
Baja la velocidad

Translation = lower your speed; your mama & your children pass by here. This busy street leads to the mirador & panteon.

Scenic viewpoint for the marvelous aqueduct which is on the east side of the city.
Northeast viewNortheast view
Northeast view

Not sure what that domed structure is, a stadium? arena?

Lots of vendorsLots of vendors
Lots of vendors

A great place to shop for souvenirs at good prices.

Pantheon of Illustrious QueretanosPantheon of Illustrious Queretanos
Pantheon of Illustrious Queretanos

The chapel. This was the city's first cemetery. This area was part of the orchard of the old convent of La Cruz during the Spanish domination. It then became a cemetery serving the needy around the year 1847.
Great viewGreat view
Great view

in swapped RGB channels.
Tomb of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Tomb of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez
Tomb of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez

& her husband Don Miguel Dominguez, two of most important Mexico Independence figures

The remains of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, & later her husband Lic. Miguel Domínguez were transferred from Mexico to this cemetery in October 1894.

Epigmenio González (rt)Epigmenio González (rt)
Epigmenio González (rt)

Born in 1778, in the city of Queretaro, both he & his brother Emeterio were ardent supporters of the independence of Mexico, participating in the conspiracy in the house of Corregidor Domínguez, which was also attended by Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama & the main leaders of the armed insurrection. Epigmenio installed an arms depot then a factory which produced the weapons for the insurgent army.
Don Ignacio PerezDon Ignacio Perez
Don Ignacio Perez

In September 1810, Don Ignacio Pérez was the messenger who was sent by Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez to Delores Hidalgo to give notice that the independence conspiracy had been discovered.,


The columbarium is along this wall plus there's more behind the chapel.

22nd January 2015

Love your colour saturation!
You've given a really fine coverage, Rainy. The colours are superb, and the background you gave about the aqueduct is really interesting ... it's sure a long one! Many thanks.
22nd January 2015

Love these pictures! The Mirador reminds me of the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. Love the panoramic view, especially of the aqueduct. :)
22nd January 2015

Markets ..
I would go crazy here. I couldn't resist the colors and textures :)
22nd January 2015

I bought most of my trip treasures here ;o) The prices were good, business was light, & they loved to bargain, esp if i bought a bunch ;o).
22nd January 2015
Northeast view

Domed structure ..
It immediately reminded me of an old Spanish helmet. Surprised you can't find out what it is :)
22nd January 2015
Northeast view

I think it's a concert stage like an amphitheater? I googled it like crazy with no luck. Maybe a local will let me know??
24th January 2015

Thanks for another detailed article
on this lovely city.

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