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September 19th 2019
Published: September 20th 2019
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The next morning we were woken at 8 am for the Independence day parade. Almost everyone had a uniform although no guns. All the school kids marched and they were all smiling and super happy as if they remembered getting rid of the Spanish. A woman gave Catherine a flyer for joining the military service which she was very excited about and it's possible she won't be back by the 27th as she may not have finished basic training. You get your own machine gun and nightstick so it's really worthwhile. Given everything is still shut we decided to head to Choloula which is about an hour out of Puebla. We booked the Cafe de Frida which sounded promising with a fantastic view overlooking the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de los Remedios, a view of the pyramid and the worst food we have had so far. It broke all the rules, no recommendation, a buffet and most of the food looked as old as the pyramid.

After lunch we headed through the market which was more local products than the touristy stuff. We went into this amazing tunnel. Catherine who is still recovering from altitude sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning was now developing claustrophobia. It would have done Charles Darwin's head in.

At the other end of the tunnel is the pyramid which has seen better days, but it did afford a view of a local rodeo carnival.

We climbed up to the church at the top of the mountain with little old ladies coming down the hill with plastic bags filled with holy water (well I hope they didn't get caught short on the way up). At the lights on the way back a boy and 2 girls did a quick Mexican dance in full kit. I was feeling generous so I gave them $10 (Pesos).

When we got back to Puebla we had a rest, although Wilko was keen for a beer as he had spotted a place across the road that had a happy hour for $18 (pesos) a beer. Yes folks that about AUD1.5. When we settled up the barman got the change out of the tip jar which I think was an indication that we should have left the change.

The girls were only slightly upset that it was 11.30.

Dinner was at El Mural de los Poblanos. We had the mole tasting plate with 6 different moles.


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