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May 7th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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It claims in the written word that Escondido means hidden and is both the surf nirvana and spiritual Mecca, where people rarely leave. Olga is the first person most travellers see at the bus station. She was trying to sell us 'Casa Olga' her hidden guest house by using a flip up photo album where the pictures had faded with too much exposure, this made the images look more like old family snaps from 1977. She felt like a very positive force. In the taxi to her place, which was by divine intervention the famous ZICATELA BEACH, 1.5 miles south east of the main town, a golden beach that stretched one mile in breath taking length, giving upper respiratory failure walking it in one go after 8am. Olga’s place had a big cool swimming pool, vital.

Surf jargon is spoken in fluent tongue here, along with Spanglish, and most other languages. This is Surftopia, a suitable holiday destination for all the worlds’ salt water tall, fit and lean tribes of the extreme sports generation. But a word of warning, the waves around here are not for the faint hearted. Apparently some old dude approx age of 31, jumped a blinding wave, he smashed into the path of this young dude approx age of 18, who had already taken it, a collision occurred this split his board in two, this happens all the time. I saw dudes of all ages surf within the wave’s tube and one dude surfed on top of the same wave, which really defies all gravity.

"Today’s surfing forecast for Friday 11th May is as follows; Hora 4.43, Altura 0.74, south easterly, Zicatela winds, treacherous swill, wobble wax under balance, billabong, tide out, grand wave, dread don’t, duck south, bong, northern pop-up rapid, gulp, current fight, shore parallel, Yicks, sting ray, vibes bad, trudge feet, taint sting, go, playa Marineros, beginners, paddle much. Here ends the surfing forecast for Friday 11th May 2007. "

The female surfers are equally respected and proudly stretch themselves into nothing more than a tight fitting birthday suit. The bikini outlets are two to a penny around here, one look at a proper bosomed dudess you get eye rolls of deep sympathy from the shop assistant as you pick up hangers with barely a cotton thread that narrowly passes as a bikini dangling from them. For the boys, long surf shorts and long sleeved lycra t-shirts are worn for the paler skin types avoiding ‘hot tops’, (burnt shoulders) these tsunami tides usually appear in hotter climates, where storms and hurricanes & chasers occur out to sea which creates the much sort after swill, the full moon also has a lot to do with the tides velocity. Surfers can’t wear sun block as gripping the board could at worst become fatal, but the board can be waxed, so if deathly waves don’t get them, skin cancer might.

As I am a touch bigger than size zero and don’t fancy sunning myself in public wearing nothing more than a hem, I visited ‘Central Surf’ and asked Angel if I could combine the normal size men’s shorts, with the fabric and floral print of girls shorts. Angel has run this surf emporium for 20 years here In Escondido. In the work shop we couldn’t find the same screen for the design I saw in the shop, I hooked up with Marco the graphics man and we came up with a simple floral design, colours ECT, which Maria skilfully made up. They also structured a black surf skirt which was also beautifully crafted. It is compulsory to be strapped by hand/ankle cuffs to a boogie/surf board. The only surfing I will be safely doing round here is on the Internet. This is alleged to be the second best destination next to Wikkie Hawaii but they say Escondido has the better waves.

Espacio Meditativo Temazcalli; Patricia and Alexander have kept this place alive for 15 years, and possibly all their clients, its $20ps in a cab from Zicatela beach. I started easy with a clay and salt body scrub, where Poko rendered me from head to foot in thick nourishing clay and salts, this drew out all the toxins from my skin, after one hour he skimmed off the first 3 layers of my Dale Winton look.

I progressed to Lymphatic drainage massage; this originated in Austria originally called Vodder. In brief the lymphatic system is just more inner tubing, which carries off all the undigested food, infectious bacterial material, dead cells and other internal debris. The individual lymph nodes work as tiny filters along the route, they filter all the trapped bacteria, viruses, even potential cancer cells and all other unwanted substances, making sure they are safely eliminated from the body. The liver carries out the same work, so the lymph is very dependent that the livers immune cells are in working order. They need each like a hand needs a glove in winter time, to work in harmony keeping us from getting colds and flu or at very worse cancer, which the cancer issue (especially breast)/deterrent/cure part is an ongoing debate right now, does this treatment cure it or does it not? The thing about the lymphatic system is there is no pump to move all this body clutter out on its own, unlike the heart that has enough work to deal with pumping all our blood that carries all our oxygen that feeds our entire bodies. So this is why deep diaphragm breathing and Cardio vascular exercise is so important to us, as it helps pump and move the lymph’s, clearing it all out.

This is a great treatment if you have experienced the following; extreme stress, constantly tired, memory failing, frequent colds/low immune, tonsil problems, If your body looks uncharacteristically soft and podgy, noticeable cellulite.

This week Poko has been one of my guiding lights; he had the hottest as in heat-healing hands, a truly gifted body worker. This treatment is painful, sort of like nine and a bit rounds with Prince Naseem, but most of my five sessions I spent crawling the raffia walls, focusing on a single brown dream catcher feather they had dangling from the pyramid ceiling, carefully placed above my 4th heart chakra. I was trying my best to be a Zen master by breathing into the pain, thinking of ice cool pina coladas which I am now not allowed to have. Poko pummelled where all my lymph nodes were refusing to dance, around my ears, neck, downwards to my collar bone, around the breasts, this was so painful, as most of these lymph’s live around the breast, the potential congestion therefore adding to the breast cancer debate, moving down into the underarms, inner thighs, stomach and lower legs.

Each day I felt weaker as I was also sticking to a strict diet, no booze, dairy foods, red meat, caffeine, and no sugar, god what’s left? Luckily in Escondido there is no dilemma as everyone is on some kind of diet and everywhere is organic and fresh. I had fresh juices, Spiralina smoothies which is orange based moss green algae bacterial stuff infused with mango I had one each morning, like tick follow tock I daily motioned firm solid moss green algae stuff. I ate green vegetables, many bananas and fresh seafood, which is all potassium rich and important ingredients to this detox, washed down throughout the day with litres of water. It’s thought that spicy foods such as salsa, ginger and cayenne pepper boosts sluggish lymph systems and cuts mucous congestion, which was even more perfect as they are all part of Mexico’s staple diet all dolloped on a single crunchy nacho. Soon enough as promised my phlegm was being recycled and disposed of hourly via a throaty ‘thwoooowh’ in to any hidden space. Five days of this I could only imagine that I was feeling more like I would mid dialysis, lethargic, out of balance, old stuff out new stuff in, then on the 5th final session there was no pain at all, it felt like a regular massage. I felt energetic, lighter and more alive than I have in a long while.

I finished my week of treatments with my second Temazcalli, it was full moon, an appropriate time to
Just part of Beach.....Just part of Beach.....Just part of Beach.....

Take a puffer.....not the dead fish kind.
call in on the great spirits, Mexican ancestors and my very amused spirit angels to help us all through this new lunar transition, it was a cosy experience as there were five locals, me and maybe 198 spirit guides, helpers, healers, porters, runners, but you can’t physically feel any of them, however you can sense them everywhere. Alexander knew my earthly issues so he spoke to me in English and the emotional support I felt was incredible, sat in pitch darkness with the nice cold wall firmly behind me. This time I brought a flannel to wipe myself down with, as I was again combusting internally! After the voice vibrations projection a sort of primal screaming, then the rattle & drum chant and herb tea, that was thankfully not thrown on the hot stones but mercifully given to us inside to sip slowly this time, I suddenly felt the hounds of hell surface.

Alex nodded to a kind man by my left side who placed his hand on my forehead and another by my base of neck sacral cranial, trying to heal/stabilise/exorcise any evil that may have been trapped within all these years finally what came up were tears
How'd he do that? How'd he do that? How'd he do that?

Stu being brave
deep from within my big old belly of pain, long hard cumbersome tears. Alex made way as I was given permission to crawl out and escape. I sat in the quiet bamboo seating area submerged under my Acapulco cockatoo beach towel and made wailing noises to myself that confused Tommy the dog who started quietly wailing with me. I felt completely good about this, tears and sweat continued to pour out of every pore, then it stopped and it felt great, like after a heavy rainstorm clearing the air.

We have eaten Nopales cactus (spicy); drank avocado milkshakes and Spiralina. I adopted a dog that sits with us every day I named him Mango. He had his nose broken, his face is lopsided through a previous stroke, his lower teeth protrude making him drool a lot, if you feed him fish of any kind he sneezes like he has bumble bees up his nose, which is funny, but not, so we give him everything but fish, fed like a king, he grabbed every ones attention whom passes him by. But what is interesting is how people really see him, either as cute, adorable or an ugly pesky mutt they shoo away, I beckon him back with pedigree premios biscuits I kept in my bag for just these kind of occasions.

Before we left Escondido, I took 100 photos for her new photo album of Casa Olga guesthouse in hope for her to sell this experience to other bewildered tourists at the bus station, but with a 2007 feel to them. So there is no confusion that her place is an amazing hide away. Puerto Escondido certainly has hidden secrets that everyone is privy too, if you can allow it to help you let go of all the unimportant rubbish we desperately cling too, this place lets you chill right down to the marrow, eliminating the rough surface stuff, allowing you to search deeper for the finer stuff. While travelling for a long time, it’s ok in having a bit of routine, same, sameness in a nothingness kind of way is good and grounding for the spirit.

Additional photos below
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Olgas pool...ooohhhhhh so nice...Olgas pool...ooohhhhhh so nice...
Olgas pool...ooohhhhhh so nice...

Star light star bright...

12th May 2007

we're all detoxing in our own way
My dear Claire and Stu, as I emerged from Harley Street stroking my sore wallet after acunpuncture and herbs for exactly the reasons you had your lymph detox, I thought how much better it would be to be with y'all so maybe next time I will follow your health road, you look and sound so much better but hurry on home so that we can all have a close look at you's - thinking of you and wishing you more of the same trips! Amazing how we thrash our souls and punish our bodies in London, time to move on.....
14th May 2007

Did you find a good beach for surfing? What hotel did you stay at?
14th May 2007

hey surfergirl....all your answers are in my olga hotel...zicatela beach the only cool beach to surf....have a good time.
1st April 2008

Thoroughly enjoyed your blog
Likely to follow in your footsteps. God Bless Pauline Fowler P.S. Was thinking of doing the 4 week spanish / surf course in Puerto... but looking for somewhere with a bit of nightlife (i'm a single traveller who, frankly, loves a bevvy. Would you recommend it? (Puerto, not bevvying)

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