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December 2nd 2007
Published: October 17th 2007
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October 17, 2007 Done. We chose the cheap flight - Sunwing, leaving Nov. 26 - Will there be major delays, common when going with the discounters? Vamos a ver! We will see!

December 2, 2007.

Sunwing was good on the way out. Only 15 minutes late, smooth flight, landed on time, and a hot meal was served!

Huatulco airport - The cab from the airport is allegedly 350 pesos ($35) but we waffled and loitered and asked about busses, then started to walk toward the main road. Suddenly we were offered a ride into town for $150 pesos, ($15).
Much better.

Budget hotels in Huatulco.

They are in Crucecita and Santa Cruz, $1.60 by cab from one to the other. We paid $40 Canadian for a clean room in Mision Los Arcos in Crucecita, run by handsome muscle man Sam. (He's married, ladies.)
Crucecita was really quiet that night, Monday, and hopping two nights later.

Huatulco seems a bit lonely outside of the mega resorts. The cabbies are desperate for fares. The beaches are lovely, for as long as you love beaches. You can book a massage or a health treatment from the sellers by the jardin in Crucecita. It takes place in Santa Cruz. My buddy chose a half hour massage, I chose mud exfoliation with aromatherapy and aztec type music, with water therapy and an 8 minute massage at the end. Nice at $200pesos or $20 dollars.

Huatulco is for lovers, and we weren't; so we left.

You can catch the bus for cheap from Crucecita to Pochutla, then hop a cab into Puerto Angel. We were waylaid by the cabbie on the way to the bus station. (you have to cab to get anywhere in Huatulco). The poor guy was so desperate that he offered us a fare of almost nothing to go all the way. What could we do? By the time we arrived in Puerto Angel, which was dissed by my fancy companion, we had quietly agreed to tip the poor guy big. He took us to a great hotel in Zipolite and we tipped him 300% more than what he had originally asked. Bad for the budget but good for him.


For any Zipolite regulars who read this I would like to convey an important message: COVER UP YOUR GODDAMN WEINER! Yes, it has had a reputation as a nudist beach for a long time, but that was then and this is now. Look around, notice that everyone else is wearing clothes. Notice that a nice little town of modest people has sprung up. Put your gaunch on man!


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