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September 19th 2017
Published: November 6th 2017
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I like fire. Fire is cool! (read that in Beavis's voice) I get to burn shit here, as I did in Malpasito, but only yard waste; we do have a trash service. The yard needs a lot of maintenance to achieve a state where it's presentable to customers. Plus a lot of spiders, ants and scorpions hang out in the weeds, and nobody wants that shit. We have space for roughly 100 campers and they deserve five star service.

Sarong, pillow, mat, shade: these are the things that I need in the afternoon for a siesta. We can make fires with leaves and dried coconut shells and the smoke wards off the bugs. We have a varity of linguistic abilities in San Pancho. There are Mexicans who speak no Enlgish, some who are fluent, and everything in between. The same goes for foreigners and Spanish. I found a good website describing the town: sanpancholife.com/san-pancho-location

I think I'm going to start a business partnership with Chuck Norris. I think... It's hard to know exactly because of a slight language barrier and his unpredictable nature. We want to start a multi-national web-based business development software consulting conglomerate with long-term solutions for tech startups with a focus on integration and communication acquisition... Just joshin! We're going to sell sandwiches and flavoured water on the side of the street. We're building a table out of bamboo. It's a far cry from what I was doing 7-10 years ago: wearing a polo shirt, working the 9-5, staring at a computer screen all day in air conditioning, with health benefits and a handsome salary, and like... I had a bed and shit. My lifestyle and my outlook has changed remarkably since then.

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