Narcos, Bone Pegs and... True Love?

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September 2nd 2017
Published: September 16th 2017
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"There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread."

I met this hardass mofo, ex US Marine, somebody you wouldn't want to fuck with. We began chatting at the bar and I slowly ascertained that he's a high-ranking member of the drug cartel. His buddy just stood there with a radio, not drinking, not talking to anyone, occassionally making calls: presumably his bodyguard/assistant. Near closing time, he asked if I wanted to go back to his hotel and "party" more. Most people would've probably said no, due to his volatile and criminal nature; and the other people we were with did say no, but I decided to throw caution to the wind... again. Turns out he seems to be a really nice guy (I suppose when he's not busy murdering people) with an absolutely insane amount of drugs. He literally keeps a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (among many other high-powered firearms, including a sniper rifle and an AR-15) in the front seat of his car. I saw his armory. He doesn't worry about police. He doesn't even lock his car. I asked him what he could possibly need an RPG for, because to me it seems excessive. He just said, "for fucking shit up bro. Don't worry about it." Some of the details of his life that he disclosed are just mind-blowing. It was like meeting Scarface. The beautiful people, the beautiful people!

And for a much-less-dramatic story: I bought some shitty nylon guitar strings that don't work with my guitar well. As I was changing them, one of my pegs popped out and went flying. I couldn't find it and I was very sad because playing guitar is one of my main creative outlets. Chuck Norris took me to a friend down the street who's a musician-mechanic-type-person, and we asked him to make a new one. He said he'd have it ready the next morning which, in Mexico, means four days. But he came through in the end. Now I have a peg in my guitar carved by hand out of cow skull. And he made a spare just in case. The lack of urgency in this town, and in Mexico in general, is so refreshing for me. As a person with heavy anxiety, it's nice to not feel pressure for things to happen punctually and precisely. I'm usually worried from the moment I wake up about something and everything. But I'm learning to shed this anxiety. I'm becoming Mexican.

Speaking of Mexicans, I met a girl. A real life girl, and we're in love. It's so magical to feel such strong passion for another person. I had my heart torn apart a couple years ago, by a she-devil whore-bitch, to put it lightly (bitter? me? never!), but I guess I'm ready to give myself away again. She has everything I want and it's amazing. I feel renewed.

I passed out on the beach the other day. At high tide, a wave came up and soaked me in my sleep. Forunately, nothing I had with me wasn't waterproof. Unfortunately, I lost my car key in the wave. The sun had already set, and I couldn't find it in the dark. I ran back to the hostel to get my light and look for it. As I scurried back to the beach, a guy across the street said, "hey gringo!" He had my key. I don't know him. I don't know how he knew that it even belonged to me. I gave him all the cash that I had, which wasn't much, to repay him for his generosity. I'm truly amazed with people sometimes. It's that serendipity popping up again and again.


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