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September 8th 2007
Published: September 16th 2007
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Our travels took us to Tequila, Jalisco. Yes, there is actually a place called Tequila and we spent an entire day there!!!On the way to Tequila your mouth starts to water as you pass the blue fields of the agave plant, the cactus-like plant from which tequila is distilled.

Less than one hour later, we had arrived and to our surprise the finality of one of the most popular telenovela's was being taped that day. Distilando Amor, the telenovela, in Mexico can be equated to Grey's Anatomy or in the past, Friends. Our morning started off a bit slower than we had planned because we spent time watching the taping of the wedding for the final episode along with the rest of the town of Tequila.

We just watched the final show of Distilando Amor on tv last night, too!!! (September 16th)

Shortly after we boarded a trolley in route to one of the tequila distilleries, La Cofradia, where we were given a tour. The tour was quite interesting because we learned about the history of the agave plant. The indigenous actually used the plant for things such as: clothes, baskets, roofs, etc. for many years until one day lightening struck an area in the fields. After the lightening strike, the substance inside the plant burned. It was then that they discovered the possibility of what the plant could be used for going forward. We also learned that teki and la are the two indigenous words that form the word and drink as we know it now, tequila. Teki means to cut and la means the place.

As you can see from the photos we really enjoyed the tour. It was one of the best days we had, but I am sure the sampling of tequila had something to do with that.

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Tequila Sampling CellarTequila Sampling Cellar
Tequila Sampling Cellar

This was the cellar where we tasted the tequila. The natural setting with the trees helps keep the right temperature for the tequila
Drunks in TequilaDrunks in Tequila
Drunks in Tequila

Okay, so they are acting here. We didn't get that drunk.
Borrachos en TequilaBorrachos en Tequila
Borrachos en Tequila

Okay, now these guys are really drunk. They were on the main road near the restaurant we ate at. Their bikes were on the ground next to them.

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