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November 25th 2006
Published: November 25th 2006
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A couple of days ago, Dad and I and Leno drove about an hour outside of Guadalajara to Tequila, of the alcoholic beverage fame. There were agave plants everywhere, and huge canyons and volcanoes, and we went to a hacienda to see how they produce tequila. Other than that, we had a great seafood meal at a restaurant overlooking the valley, and headed home for afternoon siesta. Besides producing tequila, there's not much in that area other than a lot of dust and some tourist shops, but the region made for great photography, so here's some photos.

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At the hacienda
Houses at the HaciendaHouses at the Hacienda
Houses at the Hacienda

These houses are given to the most senior workers on the tequila factory free of charge. Just one of the perks of the job.
The Agave PlantThe Agave Plant
The Agave Plant

This plant is where it all begins.
A courtyard in the HaciendaA courtyard in the Hacienda
A courtyard in the Hacienda

One mainstay of Haciendas is a great house, with lots of patios like this one.
Dad and LenoDad and Leno
Dad and Leno

At the Hacienda
Agave PlantsAgave Plants
Agave Plants

These plants are being crossbred to produce an agave that yeilds tequila in ten or fifteen years instead of the typical twenty five.
The Makings of a Good DrinkThe Makings of a Good Drink
The Makings of a Good Drink

Agave and Limones. Just give the agave a quarter century, and we'll be there.
The old factoryThe old factory
The old factory

This was where fermenation occurred in the factory from the late 1800s until about forty years ago.
Tequila SceneryTequila Scenery
Tequila Scenery

Look at all those agave plants.
The BarrancoThe Barranco
The Barranco

The view from our lunch stop.

26th November 2006

Very sorry I couldn't be there, but we will go together sometime soon!! Talk to you soon, Love, M
14th March 2007

Awesome Tequila
Hi guys, I've been reading these blogs about mexico and it really makes me want to pack up my stuff and head out on an adventure too. if you guys are still in the tequila region, i recommend you try Partida. it's one of the best tequilas i've ever drank, without the bad side-effects. hehe Have fun and i'm lookin forward to reading about your next stop.

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