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December 17th 2005
Published: December 17th 2005
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well, for the sake of the photos, you and my blog yes....
but for me, i feel like ive lived several lives within the past month, no i'm schizo.... though i did meet a couple of ´special' people, but everyone is superchido... supercool

i won't blab in this one.... THAT much, i did promise some fotos.... so i´ll see what i can do, maybe sparse, but hey! better than nada.

ciao ciao
jadE 😊xo

p.s steven when i get back to monterrey, i¨ll have more dogs than your ever want to see on a blog


19th December 2005

u lie!
where are da fotos?!
5th January 2006

Oh my!
You Buzy little Bee!!! hahaah, here i thought that you'd be out wandering the lands, compass in one hand, meal in the other...carrying all that you own in a bag...well, you are doing that last one :D Long story short: i lost the link to my sign-in matter!@!! i just just caught up on you last MONTH!!s worth of activities...JackJohnson eat your heart out with those cozy surfers!! hehe, Go Short-haired Jade! umm, maybe i'll save rest for e-mail ;) Big Hugs!

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