Published: June 18th 2011
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Sorry pics will have to be uploaded once i get back to the city... i cant seem to put any up at the hostels

Day 1-
The city is full of old colonial buildings and a whole lot of churches.
I apent the day walking around the various landmark buildings and museums in the central city (the buildings were more impressive then the museums).
At night, there is a strong smeell of yeast/hops, so i got out my scientific calculater punched in some numbers 5318008, turned the calculator upside down and came to the conclusion that yep there must be a few brewries around here... smells good.

Day 2-
Today i caught the bus to Tequila.. thats right there is a town called Tequila. Interesting enough, its where tequila is made. Word on the street is, that if its not made in Tequila or the surrounding areas in the state of Jalisco, its called mezcal (bit like champange i guess).
Heading in to the town there are fields full of agave plants ( the plant used for Tequila).
They look alittle like flax plants.
Tequila is a quaint little town, with lots of men wearing stetsons.. kinda cool me thinks.
So the 1st thing i do is make my way down the main drag to find the Jose Cuervo factory to take the tour.
Jose Cuervo was the 1st tequila company to start producing mass amounts and exporting it around the world. The tour was really interesting.. mainly coz we covered alot of science crap (fermentation, distillation etc) that i studied so i was alittle child in a candy store.
Of course there was some tequila tasting too, this included the raw product taken from the distillation process..(55%) then we tried the various types, tequila made from 100% of the sugars from the agave plant, and the cheaper tequila is made from 51% agave and the rest of the sugars comes from sugar cane or corn sugar. these then come as either, white, rested and aged). I prefer the aged, and being the cultured tart that i am, i brought a nice bottle of aged tequila from Tequila... right after i had my free margarita at the end of the tour.

tequila info i didnt know..
The Jose cuervo that we are all so used to drinking at home (51% agave), is not made to be drank as a shot.. Its made to be used in a mix.
the coloured one is good with grapfruit drink, the rested cheap bottle is good with pepsi, and the white one is good with either grapefruit or pepsi.
the 100% agave tequila is made for drinking as a shot, or on the rocks.

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Agave pineapplesAgave pineapples
Agave pineapples

What tequila is made from

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