Guadalajara - Jalisco, Mexico

Published: July 19th 2009
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Annie & ChadAnnie & ChadAnnie & Chad

Newlyweds off to a great adventure in Mexico.
We have returned from Guadalajara with some wonderful memories of a beautiful countryside and good people met along the way. The purpose of this trip was to move our daughter, Annie, down to Guadalajara to join her husband, Chad, who is enrolled in a medical internship there. Annie will be teaching 3rd grade in a private school there. Thus, the loaded pick-up truck and 30 hrs of driving (one way) in two days with three adults in the front seat was actually fun but exhausting 😊

Chad did take us around to see the sights the first day we were there, but the rest of the time we spent helping Annie get her new home cleaned and set up. I did attempt to post a blog at a very swanky Starbucks but had muy technical problems and finally gave up. I will try again to post some pictures and add a little commentary on this entry.

A few things you should know about traveling by car in Mexico:
1) It was perfectly safe! At no time did we feel like we were in a dangerous situation.
2) Stick to the toll roads and it is practically like driving
"Great Wall" of Mexico"Great Wall" of Mexico"Great Wall" of Mexico

Does this wall look like it would really keep anyone out? Going across the border into Mexico was extremely easy. We had worried that we would have to undo the tarp and open boxes but the guards just waved us on through.
in the states. The roads were in very good condition.
3) Make sure you get a vehicle permit when you cross the border - even if they tell you to keep going. This small problem caused us a few extra hours of aggravation trying to work through the bureacracy in Guaymas.
4) The hotels we stayed at were clean and resonable. Not a lot of extras but all the necessities.
5) Our "Lonely Planet - Mexico" book was invaluable when we had questions.

We found the people welcoming and the scenery varied and beautiful. We drove through everything from high desert, semi-tropical forrests, volcanic fields, mango orchards, coastal highways, large cities and quaint towns. I have a new appreciation for our neighbors to the south. If you ever decide to plan your own adventure to the South call me and I will give you some additional tips. Hope you are all having a great summer. Don't let 2009 pass without planning one great adventure for yourself - even if it is exploring your own backyard. Hasta la vista! Patty (aka Mom, Grandma, Ms. Ellsworth)

Additional photos below
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Several hours into Mexico we came on this sign and had a good laugh. Even smuggling is on the net.
Swine Flu on WheelsSwine Flu on Wheels
Swine Flu on Wheels

This little piggy went to market...
Automatic Window WashersAutomatic Window Washers
Automatic Window Washers

When we would come to a stop light in almost any town, young men would run up to the truck, pour water on the windshield, and then climb up on the truck to clean it - whether you asked them to or not. Look carefully and you can see one of these guys in action. Of course - they expected something in return but often the windshield was so spattered with bugs that the washing was appreciated.

One of the things I loved about Mexico is that everywhere there were people gathered together - a great sense of community that is often missing here in the states.

I was dismayed to see this in several places, parrots and finches being sold on the street in these little round cages. I had to pay this man to take this picture and had to promise him not to take a picture of his face.
Tortillas - Yum!Tortillas - Yum!
Tortillas - Yum!

We definitely ate our share of tacos and tortillas. Here women are cooking tortillas at the major outdoor market just outside of Guadalajara.
Carriage RideCarriage Ride
Carriage Ride

Chad treated us to an hour long horse and carriage ride through historical section of downtown Guadalajara - a city about the same size as Houston, TX. We pased beautiful colonial buildings, modern buildings and plazas.
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

Annie and Chad in front of their new home.
Governor's PalaceGovernor's Palace
Governor's Palace

Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco. This building is the residence of the governor. Pretty nice digs if you ask me.
Agave FieldsAgave Fields
Agave Fields

On the way home we missed our coata "toll road" and ended up on a country road that took us to Tequilla. We drove through miles of Agave fields near Tequilla, Mexico. Agave is the plant that Tequilla is made of.
Shrines, Shrines and more ShrinesShrines, Shrines and more Shrines
Shrines, Shrines and more Shrines

As you drive through Mexico the strength of the Roman Catholic Church is evident everywhere, from the crosses on hilltops to countless roadside shrines, to cathedrals in every city of any size.

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