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May 24th 2007
Published: May 24th 2007
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A study of motion and light. Love this! No photoshopping.
I found myself in Acapulco during the week of college spring break. I’m not sure how I managed that one. I haven’t been to Mexico for spring break since freshman year of college. And in all honesty I had no intention of returning. However, when I found out some of my good friends from NY were going to be there, I jumped at the chance to catch up with them after 8 months away. And to be fair, this wasn’t a Holiday Inn kind of week. A private home in the guarded community of Las Brisas was our exclusive domain, repleat with a staff to cook, bartend, and clean up after us. Hell, we even guys with machine guns at the corner of the block! Day one was a private affair with my cousin Jeff Caldwell and our friends Ryan Jones and Fernanda Gilligan, the mastermind of it all. A few hours by the pool, a few Mexican michiladas, and a nice dinner were all we could handle before crashing in our beautiful whitewashed rooms. The next day saw a few waves of trouble roll in...trouble by the names of Dominic, Carson, Morgan, Ryan, Ian, and Aileen. It was a

it's even more beautiful at night.
great group of friends and first time acquaintances and our few days flew by. And while we took boat trips to watch impressive cliff divers, snuck into private salt water pools on the ocean’s edge, or 'danced with the devil' at everyone's favorite club Palladium, it was lounging at our own private pool, chatting, dancing, and just goofing around that seemed most satisfying. After 8 months of hostels, street food, and talking to myself, this was AMAZING luxury. I could get used to living like this!

But much too soon my friends were leaving to go home and back to their jobs. And I was back on the trail with me myself and I. The real world was out there somewhere and I could feel it getting closer and closer. If you've ever seen the 'Lord of the Rings' movies, I felt a bit like those hobbits must have felt when they escaped the black-cloaked dragon-riding ghosts. You know who I mean. Eventually they were going to find you, but today you escaped their gaze and won yourself some more time. And with that time I was going to make my way even further south. I stayed two
The GangThe GangThe Gang

Left to Right: Peter, Carson, Dominic, Morgan, Jeff, Ryan (aka Ry-Ry), Ryan, Fernanda, Aileen, Ian
more nights in the town of Acapulco first, cursing the spring breakers under my breath all the while. Once you go Las Brisas there really is no going back.

Finally I jumped on a bus for Mexico City in order to fly to Guatemala, the next destination. And while our bus was the second vehicle stopped by a mass 3 hour protest, I couldn’t feel sorry for myself. Just the day before I heard about the fiasco the others had trying to get home. Jeff, Ian, and Aileen raced to the airport only to find themselves bumped due to overbooking. After some time arguing, negotiating, etcetera, these three showed their true New Yorker nature and turned a pain-in-the-ass into a luxurious sounding, jet-setting adventure. I can just hear it now..."let's fly to LA instead and have dinner at my Yacht Club." Sure! "Then we'll just catch the red eye to NYC. We'll arrive at 6:30am just in time for work." Brilliant! Well done gang!

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Personal SpacePersonal Space
Personal Space

New Yorkers enjoying the rarity of it!
someone's getting redsomeone's getting red
someone's getting red

but loving it!
Ryan and Jeff Ryan and Jeff
Ryan and Jeff

Cover material!
why can't I do that?why can't I do that?
why can't I do that?

If everyone looked this smoothe and relaxed when they smoked, everyone would be doing it.
Morgan, Ian, Fern, & JeffMorgan, Ian, Fern, & Jeff
Morgan, Ian, Fern, & Jeff

Ceviche and smokes under the palapa.
The only non-NYerThe only non-NYer
The only non-NYer

giving lessons on relaxed.
Houston's Most Eligible BachelorHouston's Most Eligible Bachelor
Houston's Most Eligible Bachelor

Hey Ryan, what's the name of your local paper?
Mr. VenturaMr. Ventura
Mr. Ventura

in his element

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