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North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco May 1st 2018

It’s tough wandering the Pacific coast, just hopping along from one beach to the next, but someone’s gotta do it. Mazunte had been high on my list of places to visit on this trip and it didn’t let me down. Nathan made friends with two Canadian girls and we spent a good portion of each day at the beach. The kids showed no fear of the large surf that crashes in close to shore (no good for surfing here). To start with we were worried that our little niño would get hurt. But every time he got sloshed around like a cork in a storm he came up with a smile, wanting to do it again. Another great aspect of meeting other traveling families, is that we had four adults to take it in turns watching ... read more
Sunrise at Mazunte
Laguna Chacahua
Nesting Storks

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco February 17th 2018

As much as I wanted to hold off on turning 53, I couldn't. Age will takes it's course. So, in the celebratory way, I made sure it was memorable and awe inspiring! I say, just live life! Make it an adventure for yourself no matter what you undertake. For me, I tried parasailing for the first time. I was clearly apprehensive, but after lift off, it was ALL worth it! Take a glimpse in this video of my birthday adventure parasailing in beautiful Acapulco, Condesa Beach!... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco March 5th 2012

We left Zihuatanejo Saturday morning to go to Acapulco. Acapulco was Mexico's first resort town and still serves as such. We do not really enjoy resort towns; if we did we would vacation in Florida or Missouri or maybe Hawaii. We travel to Mexico to experience the culture, the history, the nuances of everyday life, to escape the rat race of home and to survive without it. And, Acapulco is just another big city like Minneapolis, Chicago, whichever, where ever. But, it does not offer much for taking in local culture, traditions, history, customs. You can shop, eat, spend time at a hotel beach/or pool. Many people enjoy this type of vacation. We find it to be unsettling. Regardless, we went to Acapulco hoping to attend a bullfight; there's some culture and history! Many people condemn ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco October 4th 2011

Early arrival in Acapulco. We met the rest of our tour group at our cabin, got off and found Arturo right away. my friends Steve and Barbara recommended him and he was great. We first went to fort San diego which is a great stone ediface complete with moat. The spanish built it to defend the bay and in 1776 the dutch fought for it and won. Later the spanish were able to recapture it. Beautiful view from the hill. Next was a beautiful drive past the Hollywood hills of Acapulco. Georgeous homes and we visted the peach chapel at the top of the highest hill in Aca. Built by a rich businessman in honor of his two sons who died in a plane crash. Very tall cross and beautifully simple chapel. Went thru town to ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco August 31st 2011

I just got back from spending 6 weeks in Acapulco. Most of July and august 2011 I found myself heading to Acapulco again. I could not wait to get back to that unique climate I missed so much. I figured that I would stay in Caleta. That is the traditional area of Acapulco made famous by Hollywood actors like the "rat pack". I really like the Caleta area for its proximity to the ocean and its beautiful rock formations. I decided to stay at a house on the ocean named the Casa del Puente. A house that was built in the 1940s in true mexican architecture. A place where I could find real tranquility. Something I needed after being out on the streets being subject to all the traffic noise. I finally made it up ... read more
zocalo eats
iguana baby
sail boats

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco May 20th 2011

Acapulco is nothing to write home about. It's kind of like a Mexican Surfers Paradise with more spring break type bars, beach hawkers, and a higher crime rate. We stayed our first night in a place called Hostel K3 which provided us with a room about the size of a standard New Zealand closet. It did, however, have air conditioning which we were very appreciative of. The next day we moved down to a Hotel near the Zocolo, just around the corner from the world famous Acapulco cliff divers. That night we walked up and watched a number of adolescents throw themselves off a 33metre cliff into a churning pool of water below. I have jumped off a number of cliffs and diving boards in my time but nothing even remotely close to 33 metres. Needless ... read more
The 33m Dive Spot

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco February 4th 2011

I woke up with Acapulco at my doorstep, it is much nicer than I imagined. I would have been excited to go exploring but I think I am getting a cold. But, up I got dressed and had breakfast at 7 in the buffet. We met Rick and Leisa and together we left the ship. Another cruise ship was parked in front of us and then I realized how beautiful the Princess ship was in comparison. A Mexican man came up to us, he was an official walking tour guide. He only whatever we wanted to give him at the end of the day, even $1 would be enough as he only wanted to feed his family. I wished I was feeling better, I had a fever and the temp was already 30C and the sun ... read more
Our welcoming party
Streets of Acapulco
More Street shots

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco November 7th 2010

We had been having a really great relaxed time in Puerto Escondido after spending so many hours on the bus over the past week, but we were keen to continue travelling. We had not been very impressed with the standard of the beaches at Puerto as they had a lot of black sand and the currents were too strong to swim in the sea on the main beach at Zicatela. It was also far too dangerous for beginners to surf, so we were unable to rent a board. We had originally planned to stay in Puerto Escondido for five more days to take some Spanish lessons, but we had not found a school to enrol in time. We decided to move on to Acapulco, as it was kind of on the way to Mexico City, our ... read more
most impractical taxi ever
Acapulco strip from Club del Sol roof
Caleta beach

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco April 21st 2010

It was my second month since I start working for Celebrity Cruises. Everything was new and a whole new world embrace me and show me the road of wild adventures. I arrive in Acapulco by cruise ship and I only had limited time to get an appreciation for Acapulco. Wooow Acapulco..never in my dream I thought I will visit this exited city. Acapulco is sooo famous for its explosive night life, first-class hotels, postcard beaches and do not mention the breath-taking physical beauty of Acapulco. Since we get out from the ship with some of my friends we were wondering what is there to visit in Acapulco. We didn't see much value in traveling with the ship's large bus where they take you to the beach , so we found a taxi driver who offer us ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco February 26th 2010

My sister, Melanie, and her boyfriend, Andrew, are cruising with me this week. Before they came, we’d emailed back and forth about the things they wanted to do in the ports. The one activity they were really interested in doing was horseback riding. Today we’re in Acapulco and that’s the day we decided to go riding. There was some last minute switching around of tours and we ended up going on the sunset ride. We boarded a bus from the pier that took us through Acapulco and South along the coast. Unfortunately, the traffic in the city was awful today and the trip to the ranch took more than twice the amount of time it was supposed to. But eventually we got there. The beach was lovely. Light coloured sand, crashing surf. The sun was already ... read more
The Beach
Horses Ready
Saddled Up

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