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July 31st 2011
Published: August 1st 2011
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As I was writing my blog last night, I looked out our window to La Bufa for inspiration. La Bufa is a huge (to me, anyway) rocky cliff above Guanajuato. There were hundreds of torches making their way to the top of La Bufa.

July 31st is the annual pilgrimage to the cave of San Ignacio. Last night several hundred people were going up, but it was nothing compared to all the people that were on the way up today. There were tons of people of all ages – little babies being carried to little old ladies. I, however, was a bit chicken. I could blame it on my shoes, I could blame it on my age, but it reality I was almost crying like a little girl!

We finally made it to the cave! I was quite impressed with myself and then I noticed 70-year-old women carrying babies! They even had people selling ice cream and fruit! Definitely ego deflating. It was almost surreal when we got to the cave. There was a statue of San Ignacio in the back of the cave and several hundred people in the front. Suddenly there were about 30 people arriving on horseback. They formed a single line, crossed themselves in front of San Ignacio and the priest, and then left. Surreal.

It was about 2 pm and suddenly the priest started preaching a mass. It was in Spanish and quite beautiful. I may be thinking of my old church, but I’m always amazed when I hear parishioners sing sermons without a hymnal! We stayed for awhile and then continued on our way. We wanted to sit down in the shade. We didn’t know how far we were going; I knew though that I wasn’t going to climb up, because I would just have to climb down again! We made it as far as the point where everybody was climbing up on their hands and knees and I insisted that I was not going to make it anymore. We headed down the mountain; I didn’t cry, but there were a few times when I went down on my butt!

It was a carnival scene at the bottom of the mountain. There were literally ferris wheels, horses, people selling cotton candy. We had a beer to toast our endeavors. It was an amazing scene and I loved it!

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