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November 13th 2013
Published: February 18th 2017
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Mexico city is tremendously huge and wrapped in clouds of smog. when I first arrived here I just felt overwhelmed by the masses of people from all the corners, the odour of food vendors along the streets, the beggars, filth, rundown places and fine night markets.

It takes a long time visiting all the interesting spots surrounding this fantastic but also dangerous city.

As always, the best transportation is the subway even though it is absurdingly crowded during rush hours.

When in Mexico city, I would always stay within the tourist track, also during the day, because the chance to be robbed and attacked by some criminals is always pretty high.

It happened to me as well, especially, when visiting the busy markets, I was standing in front of a street vendor and I was stolen my cell phone without realizing it, but fortunately nothing happened to me and I then went back to the hostel.

I love the parks around this city like: Chapultepec which is sure a pretty spot to regenerate yourself after a long walk under the tremendous sun.

I love also the world biggest Anthropology museum with excellent explanations about human origins in the ground floor and ,on the top one, there is also an interesting display of the aboriginal people living in Mexico.

But, probably, the top sightseeing, in my opinion, that surpass all is the utmost stunning Teotihuacan site.

I reached that by bus from the, unsafe, North bus station to get to the archaeological site.

Teotihuacan is stunning in size and archtecture, is just awesome, and is one of the country’s oldest archeological sites with over two thousand years of history.

Teotihuacan means “where gods are created”.

The most exciting moment was when I climbed the 75 metres high Pyramid of the Sun with wonderful views of all the structures and the nature below.

Basically to visit this enormous place just walk along the "Calzada de los muertos" which means Avenue of the Dead, which divided the city into quarters, but I had to walk almost the entire day to be able to visit the whole site.

And ,of course, my idea of taking some pictures without people was practically impossible since that this is the most visited archaeological site in Mexico.

Now, it has got a museum, some food vendors, a restaurant and the unmissable souvenir shops.

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20th February 2017

You did well to get photos without people in them, but the people on the avenue give scale to those gigantic structures :)
20th February 2017

Thanks so much for that, Teotihuacan is an immense site and very beautiful.

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