Besando México

Published: June 22nd 2009
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Most of this was written on the side of the road...

Jesus the mangos! They´re everywhere. A guy could kill his self on one of them... like fruity little landmines all over the road. And has someone set off a smoke bomb? No, just a truck carrying dry cement, dusting the town. Mind your freight man! chicken feathers, gravel, and mangos everywhere, Fording rivers, dodging livestock, and dont mind the explosions;¨fiesta de indios - quien sabe...¨
What now - deadlock? not I... 1.2 km off road and I´m ahead of the lot. Ah, there´s the mango truck. And whats this? A dog nipping at my heels! Hah! you´ll get what´s coming to you. See... There´s one now. A cousin of yours? Look at him now, all inside out and plastered to the pavement... bad genes says I.
Tuck in, weave and wriggle. Red light? alright boys, lets stick it to him, on my mark - no, ok yours! A traffic mutiny, they can´t stop us all! (a bewildered policeman throws up his arms in frustration).
I´m a man posessed, (did I unknowingly drink of the fabled elixer? Has the aztec spirit taken hold?) A moto-banshee galvanized to quickness, delving headlong into the fray between these beasts.
A gas station attendant asks about the ride ¨from canada? on that?!¨
Yes yes, cant you see: I must make time! Christ their gaining on me, there goes another chicken truck now and you still owe me 400 pesos - you didnt think i´d forget did you?
Why rush you ask?
Take the question 'if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?' Answer: Yes! It´d probably be the fastest way out of Ecatepec.
Now, can I fit under that truck? No, best wait... Mmm... 8 tacos for 20 pesos! No no, I´m almost out of this mess. They probably taste like diesel anyway...

And I didn´t really even enter the City. That was just the ouskirts. The yellow smear on the map that indicates urban sprawl reaches Ecatepec, so I guess I can say I just kind of kissed the edge of the throbbing heart: México.


22nd June 2009

My god man they're everywhere
Sounds like you've entered bat country!

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