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October 25th 2005
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hola hola hola!
How are we all??? Good? Great?! I must say, better than having no gas to cook OR have a warm shower with ☺ hehe, bill was 'lost', so I guess we’ll sort it out this week… sometime 😉

Went to Texas earlier in the week, to buy some stuff… backpack…. For well backpacking (I’m wondering exactly how I’m fit 3 months worth of stuff in there.
Ipod… nano was the same price as the 20GB photo colour… so, I’m always up for a good bargain and got it for US$250. Hmmm and kickboxing gloves, for my classes, which I found out, are ending soon ☹

On Friday DJ tiesto ‘search for sunrise’ played, supposedly one of the best in the world, but very misleading…the sun doesn’t rise at 4:30 am, and that’s when it ended are people complaining it ending at 3:30…raves? come on Mexico…. You can do better than that!

Cuatro Cienegas (four pools)… thermal pools in the middle of the dessert… ooh with ‘big’ sand dunes, in comparison to Bethels Beach, NZ, they’re like sand bumps, though being in the middle of nowhere, I guess that’s relatively impressive ☺ After a couple hours
waiting for someone to pick us upwaiting for someone to pick us upwaiting for someone to pick us up

orelio, with a volvo, don't worry junior knows him :) except he wasn't coming with me and sarah...
sleep, and a bus with excellent suspension (sarcasm), feeling sick and changed seats about 7 times, motion sickness as a kid has come back to haunt me :S anyways it was well worth the pain because cuatro cienegas was pristine. Although we got there relatively late the first night, we did get to see a conservation pool with turtle and whatnot ☺ so pretty, I forgot my camera, sorry guys. But I make up for it, I do, I do. Eventually got to the camping site at dark, pitched a tent, for those that had one, the rest slept under the stars (me), and other ‘scardy cats’ in the bus.
After taking a decent hour or so to light the fire (thanks a lot to Emily and I, ooh and the collecting team/ you taught me well father) we had two fires going, one that was pretty to look at, one that you could actually use for cooking (ex-boy scouts made that one). That night we went for a midnight dip followed by a midnight snack, me favourita. Eventually went to bed, I think I just had extra long blinks throughout the night, and… woke up and took a morning
in the volvoin the volvoin the volvo

orelio & grandpa orelio & the cool cowboy sombero
swim…. By myself… like a morning meditative period. Tranquil and refreshing to the mind, as well as thawing off after realising we slept in the dessert. lol. Oh I love life, I truly think that’s the one thing you can love then, it’s all above the people, or if you’re lucky enough, one in particular. So hitchhiked to the halfway to sand dunes, played around and appreciated the sand with a decent amount of time, then wandered on back to the camp site (4km away) playing singing games, and ‘a ship full of…’. The weekend was pretty much full of, swimming, dancing, dipping, eating, floating, drinking, frolicking the water and sun and insightful conversations, (thanks to my bus buddy boys (who would’ve thought…???)) anyways … yes, that’s all folks, sorry for the report back like style, but jadey’s tired

Sleep time
jade ☺xo

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fun facts about new zealandfun facts about new zealand
fun facts about new zealand

how would thought? in a golfing magazine in a volvo/ jaguar car yard in McAllen, Texas
tickle tickletickle tickle
tickle tickle

not such a good idea
random taco standrandom taco stand
random taco stand

no food poisoining as of yet
smell that airsmell that air
smell that air

look at that mountain(s)
Cuatro Cienegas cementaryCuatro Cienegas cementary
Cuatro Cienegas cementary

it's dias de muerto (day of the dead) soon.... parties in the cementary? that's just wrong
harry took thisharry took this
harry took this

thanks harry! & cedric for not letting me stand in the photo bymyself... lol
i took thisi took this
i took this

for harry
\"... on the lifelong day???"\\"... on the lifelong day???"\
\"... on the lifelong day???"\

crap, sorry i don't know the words...
when woman created firewhen woman created fire
when woman created fire

emily and meeeeeee
doesn't look gooddoesn't look good
doesn't look good

but tastes SO great
coombaiya ... my lordcoombaiya ... my lord
coombaiya ... my lord

(l-r) amanda, jim, harry (acting dead), me,emily, jorge, carlos, brian

26th October 2005

oh lala
Ho jeez...the photography! Why are all these people pale? i could use deductive logic...or i could just ask the girl LIVING with these people...um, i mean Jade...that YOU! hey Jade, why are these people so pale? (T_T) ?
27th October 2005

Hi! I really enjoy watching your photos. You are a great photografer. Keep up the good work.. Besos y abrazos
28th October 2005

guru girl
ahh yess.... guru girl, i have come here today so you will tell my thy fortune.. will i become rich and famous no not fame just rich!! rank! yello... its late...not really but my brain has fried cos of exams... u took LICKBOXING?!?! oop KICK kick boxing... cooooooooool!
30th October 2005

Heyyy jade!!! just here cool pictures!!! seems like you had a great time...when is the next trip?!?! hahahah weell gotta go! loovee yaa! seee yaaa!!
1st November 2005

Ok here's my post!
HeLLoOOoo JadY jAdE! Ok so you said that if we wanted to check the pix out we had to post, so here's me post!! haha.. The trip was awsome! we deffinately have to do some more trippin girl! Thanx for the pics, and hell yeah i'm glad you said otra! haha CU at the international path haha byeeee. ps: oh, now you have to post at MY blog!:) pps: i hope you show me all the nice places when I'm un NZ!!

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