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North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Cuatro Cienegas March 24th 2009

March 23, Monday Packed up and picked up the new bike key at the dealer. Local riders all say this particular dealer overprices everything, many will not even step foot in the doors, they ride up to Austin instead. Sad for the dealer and the club. We stopped in at the Mexican Consulate in San Antonio, but they did not issue the appropriate paperwork there, so we continued on towards the border. Spent the night in Uvalde, TX... at the Quality Inn, which used to be a Holiday Inn according to Sheila, my GPS. Speaking of Sheila, I spent several hours downloading new maps for her. Hopefully the info in Mexico will be helpful. March 24, Tuesday Continued on to Eagle Pass TX, and crossed the border on bridge number 2, at the advice of an ... read more
al  habicinio ocho
Courtyard Beauty

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Cuatro Cienegas May 9th 2008

Hey all, hope all is well where ever you are.... Our next little adventure was up into the northern desert on another field trip with Pau's uni. This one had a slight difference in the fact there was no biology integrated into this trip, other than perhaps experimenting with the body's tolerance for marathon alcohol intake! We only went for a weekend so there is not much to talk about but the landscape allowed for some very photogenic scenery. Two full bus loads made the journey and we made the wrong choice.....leaving at midnight one may assume most people would sleep eventually. I feel like im getting old before my days and am luckily blessed with the ability to sleep in any situation, but the drinking began immediately and continued for the next 12 hours! The ... read more
Pregnant lady
Our camp area
Sunset over the desert

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Cuatro Cienegas October 25th 2005

hola hola hola! How are we all??? Good? Great?! I must say, better than having no gas to cook OR have a warm shower with ☺ hehe, bill was 'lost', so I guess we’ll sort it out this week… sometime ;) Went to Texas earlier in the week, to buy some stuff… backpack…. For well backpacking (I’m wondering exactly how I’m fit 3 months worth of stuff in there. Ipod… nano was the same price as the 20GB photo colour… so, I’m always up for a good bargain and got it for US$250. Hmmm and kickboxing gloves, for my classes, which I found out, are ending soon ☹ On Friday DJ tiesto ‘search for sunrise’ played, supposedly one of the best in the world, but very misleading…the sun doesn’t rise at 4:30 am, and that’s when ... read more
waiting for someone to pick us up
in the volvo
fun facts about new zealand

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