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October 15th 2007
Published: October 23rd 2007
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Mission GuadalupeMission GuadalupeMission Guadalupe

oldest christian church is the southwest. Beautiful carved wood beams inside.
We feel good after our visit with Cassie & Seaonna. They are doing well in Albuquerque. On monday they have to go to work & school so we decide to head south. We decide to visit Juarez, a large industrial town on the Chihuahua - Texas border.

We stop for the night in Truth Or Consequences New Mexico. In the morning we have a hot mineral bath at one of the many hot springs in town & then head on south thru Las Cruces New Mexico to EL Paso Texas. In El Paso we park our car and walk across the bridge over the Rio Grande River, which from here on East to the Gulf of Mexico forms the US - Mexico border.

There is alot of issues to talk about the border areas,... economic, social, political, criminal, enviornmental... but for now, I'll just talk about our trip.

It feels good to get out of the US, even for a few hours. Right away we can notice the difference in the perception of TIME. The pace just seems more relaxed. We cross into Mexico whitout any formalities.

We take a walking tour of downtown Juarez, we visit the Mission Guadalupe, which is supposed to be the oldest building (built by europeans) in the Southwest. People we meet are friendly. We walk thru the Plaza Armas, visit a market, buy some food at a bakery & have a great meal. We both order chicken with mole sauce, which is a spicy, sweet, chocolat sauce. While we dine, some street musicians spot us in the restaurant & come in & ask us if we want some songs? We agree, & they get the restaurant to shut off the juke box so they can play...

One of the many blessings in my life has been to be able to listen to, associate with, & work for many great musicians. These guys fit that catagory. This conjunto Norteno consists of a 3 row accordion, 12 string guitar, and stand up bass. These guys are masters at what they do and play a beautifull rancherias and ballads. As a street musician myself I can say they set a high bar for us all.

After dinner we head back over the border with beautifull music still in our ears.

El Paso seems uptight and highly militarized. There is a large millatary base there, & Border Patrol and Texas troopers all over. We high tail it out of town, getting stopped at one check point (Border patrol) on the highway, & head for the Guadalupe Mountains.

Our visit to Juarez was a short one, but it left a strong desire for further travels in Mexico with both of us.

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Lotsa cowboy boots for sale

very fancy alagator skin ones...
Looking north towards the stadiumLooking north towards the stadium
Looking north towards the stadium

It nice to see some palm trees...
conjunto nortenoconjunto norteno
conjunto norteno

These guys got it goin' on...

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