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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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Por la noche del mismo dia. Close to home, that is Mama-Coco and her "good food" awaiting us. But first things first, right now we are sitting on top of this pyramith, unexcavated and covered in lush jungle trees and bushes, we can hear birds all over preparing for the fast approaching evening and with it, DARKNESS!!! Now, we both had a trying day getting from San Cristobal to hear and then all the hiking through these pine forests. Still, we know Mama-Coco is close, she and her danrned food she sdo bragged about this morning when we checked in. Sure as hell we could do with some food now!!! " Yeah man, that is the way so let's go, just need a quick pee-pee". "Not really sure if the spirit of this pyramith is gonna be very happy about you pee-peeing around on his teritory like that". "Fuck him and let me have my pee-pee, goddamnit". It is getting really dark now, just about enough light to see ahaed for, say, 20 meter or so. Rushing through dark-green undergrowth and with all of the birdlife all gone quiet all of a sudden, WE BOTH SEE HIM......a golden skinned local dresses in some sort of short skirt and naked chest, a strange weapon or whatever it is, in his left hand, he stares at us ANGRY ALL OVER HIS FACE - shit, even in the fading daylight i can see how angry this man really is. Then he runs off on feet clad in leather sandals. "Yeah, fuck you big time!!!" James muthers under his breath, to hell and beyond with you, you piece of shit". Probably just an local young romantic farmer's son we both agree. Mama-Coco's food can't better for many miles around, we are after all in the middle of nowhere, god only knows how many miles until thew next habited place.


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