Day 3- lounging at the hotel

Published: December 12th 2014
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Let's just say we never made it to the 7am yoga class... Or thr 9amclass. There is nothing wrong with starting your day at noon when you are on vacation. With a hardy room service breakfast we were ready to hit the pool for a day of relaxation and sun. Sunglasses and napping by the pool was going to be the perfect recovering from our unexpected late night. We got settled into our lounge chairs and within minutes Kemper was already taking advantage of the free five min poolside massages. Kemper was feeling good. This lady had the hands of an angel. Five minutes were up and she stumbled back the the lounge chairs where she left Lindsay. Lindsay was nowhere in sight.. At least not at first glance.

There was a lot of commotion from the center of the pool that caught Kemper's attention. A vibrant activities instructor, wearing an uncle Sams top hat and a bright blue wig, was leading a water aerobics class with great enthusiasm. There was Lindsay. Front row. Getting down. With one wave from Lindsay, Kemper couldn't resist... Kemper joined the magic. Like a couple of old ladies, we experienced a flash into our future together. It was pretty damn fun.

This activities coordinator was so good at her job and so good at enticing us to join in, we couldn't resist the next activity.... Texas Holdem. So much for napping by the pool! 12 people showed up to the Texas Holdem tournament. Kemper went risky and pretty much bet her chips away on the first few hands. Lindsay was in it for the long haul. She was cleaning up house. Cut to an hour later, it was down to just Lindsay and one other guy. 5 final hands, all in from here out. Shockingly, Lindsay lost. We ended the day with an early bird dinner at a delightful, authentic Mexican restaurant called "Los Tres Gallos." it was delicious! We got in bed by 9pm and rested up for our next big road trip day.

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